• Hello, I was asked to make 4 reports, I can not find suitable ones, I can find something convenient for the 5th grade.

    History: The Most Ancient World. Biology: Is it possible to live and not breathe? Social Studies: Care and education in the family. Geography: Crustal movements. I would be very pleased if you find at least a couple of reports.
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    Northern owlet
    Northern owlet
    Answered on April 4, 2015 02:34
    Christine, is it really not interesting to find the information itself, and not to look for the ready? Teachers are not fools, either, and they know how to use search engines; they will see what they have written off — you will still redo it.
    Answered 3 april 2015 20:30
    Social studies and geography are suitable for your age. You will find the information itself.

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