• He's alive! 10 best movies about frankenstein

    "Victor Frankenstein"

    A photo:frame from the film

    2015 United StatesproducerPaul McGuigan.

    Actors: Daniel Radcliffe, Jessica Brown-Findlay, Bronson Webb

    An unusual interpretation of the famous story of Dr. Victor Frankenstein. At this time, the main actor will be his loyal assistant, Igor. However, the whole feature of the film lies in the fact that the fantastic story will be told exactly by Igor, who, by the way, is not in the original novel by Mary Shelley. By the way, he was played by Daniel Radcliffe, who proved to be a talented and promising actor. Therefore, we have no doubt that Radcliffe will cope perfectly with this role.

    While working on the picture Daniel faced some difficulties. So, his character on the script must have long hair. But the actor refused to wear a wig, but it would take too long to grow hair of the desired length. Therefore Radcliffe chose to artificially grow hair.And in this form, he had to be throughout the time while the shooting process was going on.


    A photo:frame from the film

    1994, USA-Japan,producerKenneth Branagh.

    Actors: Robert De Niro, Kenneth Brana, Tom Hulse, Helena Bonham Carter

    The film, produced by Francis Ford Coppola himself, oddly enough, was extremely negatively accepted by critics. The only thing that was impossible to find fault with was the acting work of Robert De Niro. The famous actor played the role of being created by the great scientist Viktor Frankenstein. By the way, the actor very carefully approached his role. De Niro spoke specifically to people who had experienced various injuries in order to learn how to speak as his character would like.

    This work of Robert De Niro film critics called one of the best in his acting career. By the way, in due time Gerard Depardieu refused from this role.

    “Penny horrors”

    A photo:frame from the film

    2014, USA, Ireland, United Kingdom.

    Producer: H.A. Bayona, Dirble Walsh, Sam Mendes.

    Cast: Timothy Dalton, Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Rory Kinnear, Helen McCrory, Billie Piper, Harry Tredevey, Reeve Carney, Alan Armstrong, Rick Bern.

    Horror - the series that brought together all the famous heroes and monsters.So, here you can meet the mysterious Dorian Gray, Van Helsing and, of course, Dr. Frankenstein with his humanoid brainchild.

    The "creation" of Frankenstein was played by the little-known thirty-seven-year-old British actor Rory Kinnear. However, despite his small popularity, Rory was able to convey the drama and torments of an unhappy creature to whom nothing human is alien, including love.

    “Penny tales” are distinguished by beautiful shooting, talented acting and atmospheric. That is why the series is so fond of the audience from the first series.

    "I am Frankenstein"

    A photo:frame from the film

    2013, Australia, USA.

    Producer: Stuart Beatty.

    Actors: Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto, Bill Nighy.

    An unusual interpretation of Mary Shelley's immortal novel. This time, the fruit of Dr. Frankenstein’s insane fantasy lives in a modern and terrible world. Adam (as his name is in the film) was dragged into a merciless war between gargoyles and demons. As you can see from the plot, this fantasy film is absolutely different from the original “Frankenstein”, a slight similarity is observed only with the main character.However, Adam, although he retained some common features with Frankenstein, namely: the numerous scars on his face and physical strength, is presented in the picture deft, quick and more reasonable.

    Actor Aaron Eckhart, who plays the role of Adam, admitted in one of the interviews that the work in the film took him a lot of energy. After all, in order to physically match his character, he had to work hard in the gym.

    The play "Frankenstein"

    A photo:shot from performance

    "Frankenstein" - one of the few performances that have received such high reviews and awards. The world premiere of "Frankenstein" was held in 2011 on the stage of the Royal National Theater. After the resounding success of the production, the performance began to be shown in cinemas around the world. In addition to the plot, as close as possible to the original, the audience's love of staging is also due to an excellent acting game.Benedict CumberbatchandJohnny Lee Miller. By the way, the actors performed an impressive work: they alternately played Viktor Frankenstein and his creation. For which both received several prestigious theater awards.

    "Frankenstein" / "Bride of Frankenstein" / "Son of Frankenstein"

    A photo:frame from the film

    Three classic films about Frankenstein, released in the thirties, are considered the pinnacle of horror, and the image of the Beast, presented by the legendary actorBy Boris Karloff- the embodiment of the horror with which they began to compare the work of other actors who played in further numerous screen versions of the great novel.

    So, a series of cult films about the all-powerful doctor opens the film "Frankenstein". Then followed the "Bride of Frankenstein" and "Son of Frankenstein." It is worth noting that for filming in the paintings of Boris Karloff made many sacrifices. For example, he insisted on the make-up master Jack Pierce remove his lateral denture from him. According to Karloff, due to this, it was possible to make his cheeks hollow. In addition, it took three and a half hours each day to make up the Monster. And he weighed, including a suit, as many as twenty-four kilograms. However, the actor's efforts were not in vain: Boris Karloff and today remains the legendary and mysterious person in the history of cinema.

    Cartoon "Monsters on vacation"

    A photo:cartoon frame

    2012, United States.Producer: Gennady Tartakovsky.

    Roles voiced:Adam Sandler, Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez

    The plot of the popular American cartoon is built around the mysterious hotel "Transylvania", the owner of which is Count Dracula. This hotel is a haven for all monsters who can take a rest from annoying human eyes only here. Guests of "Transylvania" are the monster of Frankenstein, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, the werewolf family and many other creatures. All of them gathered in the hotel not by chance: after all, the daughter of Count Dracula is eighteen years old. But this solemn event unexpectedly darkens the young traveler who has taken it from nowhere, in which the culprit of the evening falls in love.

    By the way, the cartoon was a great success in cinemas, and its unusual characters did not leave any spectator indifferent. So, the monster of Frankenstein is represented by a fearful huge creature who is afraid of fires, but plays the guitar well. Voiced by Kevin James, a popular American actor, comedian and screenwriter. In addition to this work, Kevin is known for his comedy roles in the films “The rules of removal: Method Hitch”, “Chuck and Larry: Fire wedding”,"Classmates" and "Pixels."

    "The Curse of Frankenstein"

    A photo:frame from the film

    1957, United Kingdom.

    ProducerTerence Fisher.

    Actors: Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Hazel Court, Robert Erkart.

    The film, shot more than fifty years ago, is still considered one of the best plays of the Frankenstein story. And Christopher Lee, who played the role of the monster of the obsessed scientist Victor Frankenstein, entered the history of cinema one of the greatest actors of horror. However, such a recognition of the acting talent of Christopher Lee is well deserved: he really brilliantly coped with the role. His character conveys a general original picture of the monster of Frankenstein: in the picture he is shown underdeveloped, inhibited creation, acting not of his own will, but completely subordinate to the power of his master.

    "Van Helsing"

    A photo:frame from the film

    2004, USA, Czech Republic.

    Producer: Stephen Sommers.

    Starring: Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale, Richard Roxburgh,

    The spectacular and entertaining film tells about the main vampire hunter Van Helsing, who is sent to Transylvania to plunge his worst enemy, Count Dracula and his army of vampires. But he does not do it alone, but together with the monster of Frankenstein.By the way, despite the good cast and the abundance of special effects, the film was completely crushed by critics. But the paradox is this: contrary to their reviews, the box office was high, and the picture itself was accepted quite well by the audience.

    By the way, American actor Schuler Hensley - the performer of the role of a monster of a mad scientist, after “Van Helsing” again tried on a similar image. In the popular musical "Young Frankenstein" Hensley again played the brainchild of Frankenstein. By the way, for this role he was nominated for prestigious awards as "The best performer of the leading role in the musical."


    A photo:frame from the film

    1985, United Kingdom, United States.

    ProducerFrank Roddam

    Starring: Sting, Jennifer Beals, Anthony Higgins, Clancy Brown

    The picture is a kind of continuation of the cult film "The Bride of Frankenstein". The plot is simple: a mad scientist creates a bride for his brainchild. But the resurgent girl rejects the ugly groom and then the angry monster rises against its creator. By the way, the role of Dr. Frankenstein played a popular British singer Sting.A monster played Clancy Brown, who played in such popular films as: "Highlander", "Shawshank Escape", and also known for the voice of the animated series "Sponge Bob Square Pants." And for Jessica Beals, who plays the role of the Bride of a monstrous creature, this role is the brightest in the film career. By the way, the film was highly appreciated by the audience and had deafening box office.

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