• Have you heard about manspring?

    In modern society, one can hear so many new and incomprehensible words that some consider themselves to be ignorant and lagging behind life. Do you know what Menspreding means? Find it out!

    What is it?

    What is manspring? This term appeared in English in 2015 and has no literal translation. “Man” is a man, and “spread” is spread out. Thus, the concept refers to the habit of men spread their legs wide while sitting.

    An interesting fact: the first mention of the phenomenon dates back to the beginning of the last century, namely to 1915. Of course, the term was not used then, but social advertising appeared, calling for compliance with the rules of etiquette in transport.

    Where is it found?

    Most often, Menspreding occurs, of course, in public transport: in the subway, trams, taxis, buses, trolley buses, trains. Surely everyone at least once saw a male representative, legs spread widely, and some felt shyness and discomfort because of such impolite neighbors in the seats.

    Social Anti-Manspearing

    In many countries of the world there is an active struggle with such a phenomenon as Menspreding. Its main areas are social advertising, leaflets with appeals, posters in public transport. Manifestations of opposition to “disrespectful sitting,” as some call it, can be found in New York, Tokyo, Madrid and other major cities of developed countries. Often directly transport companies place the rules of conduct in transport.

    Not only the authorities but also activists are involved in the struggle, and various media are often involved, especially the Internet. There are a lot of jokes on the topic of maypredding in the worldwide network, and some of them after the publication caused public outcry and heated discussions. In addition, the phenomenon even became the subject of political debate.

    How to resist?

    How to behave when you meet a man who is comfortable in public transport, rudely placing his legs in the sides and occupying two places at once? There are several options for confrontation. The first one is the most preferable: just politely ask a representative of the strong half of humanity to move or move your leg.Moreover, it is desirable that a seated person, who is directly experiencing discomfort, should turn with such a request: this will probably make the guy feel a sense of light shame.

    The second way is to make a comment. And there are two options for the development of events: quietly apply personally to the man or express dissatisfaction loudly so that everyone around can hear it. In the second case, an ignoramus will surely experience discomfort and try to justify himself, snap back or correct himself.

    The third way is to organize social actions with other activists and volunteers. Team up with them and put up leaflets in the transport.

    Now you know another new word and understand its meaning. And you can fight the phenomenon.

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