• Handmade beads


    Putting beads on a thread

    After all the preparations, begin assembling the beads on the cord. Take the black lace and start stringing the beads. In the center, put a black striped bead, with the sides of its two plastic. Then again, two beads (purple + lilac). On the sides also insert white pearl beads. Tie knots on both sides to fasten.
    Handmade beads
    Next, in a chaotic order, collect the beads as in the photo, leaving a place on the cord for the flower. You can sew it on the reverse side, or glue it on the glue as you please. Opposite the flower, paste one of the beads with lilac rhinestones.
    Handmade beads
    Handmade beads
    Handmade beads
    Place them on a cord with striped beads on both sides. At the very top, place one more bead covered with cord and complement it with small black beads.Decorate the edges of the cord with gold inserts and beads. The second part of our beads will consist of a segment of a chain of gold color folded in half. It remains to connect the ends of the cord to the chain. To hide ugly knots in the places of attachment, put metal clips on these places.

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