• Hair method of eyebrow tattoo

    To help make the appearance brighter, permanent makeup is designed! An accessible, relatively painless procedure will reduce morning gathering to a minimum, while disguising natural or age deficiencies (cleft lip, alopecia, fine wrinkles, etc.). In this case, over time, the tattoo disappears, so you can update it again or radically change the image if the former is suddenly tired.

    One of the main parts of the face is the eyes. Their girls are singled out with particular zeal, putting mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner. In fact, few people know that expressiveness and a makeup, but a broad, regular shape of eyebrows gives expressiveness and mystery to eyes. To make sure that the statements are true, imagine for a moment that they are not there! No decorative tools will save!

    Rarity, when women are naturally the ideal shape of the eyebrows. Usually, the hairs grow unevenly, they constantly have to be corrected using tweezers or stains. Although today there is an alternative - permanent make-up.Completed by the master, not only trained tattooists, but also having work experience, he will allow to give the lines the ideal shape, to finish the missing hairs, while it will look so natural that no one will guess your little trick.

    How is the session?

    There are several ways to transform the superciliary arches. One of the most popular, which gives as close as possible to the natural effect, is the hair method. There are two ways to model the eyebrows with it: western and eastern. They will help to thicken rare eyebrows, change the outlines, correct the asymmetry of the right and left arc, mask the scars and scars. However, to estimate the work of a cosmetologist who has been trained in manual techniques of eyebrow tattooing, it will not be fully developed until 7-14 days later when the crust comes down.

    European method. Its meaning is that the hairs are drawn the same length in the same direction (up, and the tip is slightly rounded down). Needs constant adjustment once every 2-3 months.

    Eastern. More complex than the first, but also more natural.The master who knows how to do a hair tattoo, also draws hairs up, but of different lengths. Due to the superimposed strokes on each other, a valuable natural effect is achieved. This method provides a longer result, so you will have to visit a specialist no more than once a year.

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