• Great ideas for an elegant manicure.

    There are several trends that will be very relevant in the near future. Make a classic manicure with lacquer, or give preference to permanent nail design. In any case, you will be irresistible!

    Placer gemstones

    Holiday manicure may resemble a beautiful piece of jewelry. It is at this time you can not be afraid to overdo the brilliance.

    Strass can be many, and even allowed to complement their brilliance. But the main color in this case is better to choose a neutral.

    If you want to fill the entire nail with rhinestones, leave the rest without decor.

    Ideal if the stones on the nails go well with your jewelry.

    If you decide on a bright color in combination with gold and stones, give preference to the average length of the nail. On long such a manicure may look somewhat vulgar.

    Dark nails are still relevant. Especially in combination with large rhinestones.

    Geometrical drawing

    This option can be made independently, but it looks very interesting.

    Do not make all the nails the same.This picture looks better in the frame of solid nails.

    Manicure with motives of paintings by avant-garde artists for real intellectuals.

    For a festive evening, you can add a little shine to the geometric pattern.

    Sequins and gold

    When, if not now? After all, on New Year's Eve you want to be the brightest of all. If you want to overshadow even the sparkling Christmas tree, give preference to a proven shining manicure.

    Varnish with the effect of metal in gold color does not require any additions.

    Several sparkling nails will look great on the background of a gentle manicure of the whole hand.

    If you want to apply glitter on all nails, cover them with only the edges, leaving the hole natural.

    Or pick up a varnish where the sparkles will be small. Such a manicure will be spectacular and neat.

    Classic in new sound

    Classic French manicure is appropriate in almost any situation. Add a few unusual details, and it is suitable for the holiday.

    Not necessarily limited to the usual natural shades. Even very bright colors can be combined with a discreet base.

    Underline with white lacquer not only the edge of the nail, but also his hole.

    You can make the image more romantic thanks to interesting accents.

    The volume decor goes well with a simple classic jacket.

    Instead of a clear border, make a gradient. Simple manicure will play a completely new way.

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