• Good Brownie Toy

    The fairy tale about a lovely housemaid inspired us and our granddaughter to create our own creativity. The search for materials took perhaps more time than the sewing itself, because we came up with a simple pattern and worked in four hands.
     Kind Brownie Toy • A bit of denim and checkered cotton fabric - the second one was deliberately worn, because the mythological creature lives behind the stove and doesn’t care much about its costume. • Coarse linen thread, threads of medium thickness of dark roses Vågå and blue tint • 2 needles - Gypsy and fine • Scissors • 2 large and 2 small linen buttons..;. 1 button, covered with a monochromatic chintz. • Handful of cotton. • Plastic cover from an unnecessary notebook, ballpoint pen. Sequence of actions: On the plastic we drew a figure resembling an egg (the body along with head) and circle (ear). Cut both parts.A large piece was laid on an ironed checkered flap and circled. Made another one the same detail. Two round ears were cut out of the denim material. The girl independently wiped her ears with a pink thread folded in two and laid on each fold in places that would later be attached to the temples of the toy. At this time I sewed a pocket with blue thread to the front lower part of the body, then I made contrasting decorative stitches on my pocket and added decor - flowers made of lace. A button tightened with a cloth turned into a nose, dark miniature buttons became eyes, and bunches of thick light-colored threads became hair and a mustache. A thin needle was used to sew all the listed trivialities.
     Toy Good Brownie
     A Good Brownie toy
     Good Brownie Toy
    Toy Good house
    By joint efforts, we on the wrong side manually joined the torso parts,turned it on the front side, in the previously left gaps sewed up ears, through the crown of the head neatly stuffed the doll with cotton wool, sewn this hole on the crown of the head. From the same coil, which helped us to supply the head with the vegetation, we weaved 4 braids: the legs are more authentic, the pens shorter Using a gypsy needle, attach the legs, disguising the attachment points with large buttons (thanks to them the toy man can sit when he is tired of hanging). Instead of laptes, they built something like a sneaker, decorated them with imitation of laces. Toy Good House
     Toy Good House
    Toy Good House
    Under the oval patch on the back hid nodules that hold hands on the trunk. Strengthened under the hairdo an eyelet to hang a toy, if you want. After inspecting the product, they decided that flirtatious flowers on a plump stomach emphasize the good character of our hero.

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