• Golden Globe 2017: who will win?

    Yesterday in Los Angeles nominated the 74th Golden Globe. The awarding ceremony will be held on January 8. While we are waiting for the best of the best to be announced, there is time to look at the most interesting nominations and decide who wants to give the Golden Globe Award. We have already decided!

    "Best Drama Film"


    • "At any cost"
    • "A lion"
    • "Manchester by the Sea"
    • "Moonlight"
    • "For reasons of conscience"

    Our choice: "Lion"

    The piercing story of an Indian boy, Sarah, who accidentally got on a train and got lost. Sarah went to an orphanage, then found a family in Australia. One day, he decides to start looking for real parents ...

    Sarah is played by the most famous Indian actor Dev Patel, and his adoptive mother, Nicole Kidman. The picture was taken by the Australian Garth Davis.

    "The best dramatic female role"


    • Amy Adams - "Arrival" (for the role of Louise Banks)
    • Jessica Chastain - "Miss Sloan" (for the role of Elizabeth Sloan)
    • Isabelle Huppert - “She” (for the role of Michel Leblanc)
    • Ruth Negga - “Living” (for the role of Mildred Loveing)
    • Natalie Portman - "Jackie" (for the role of Jackie Kennedy)

    Our selection: Isabelle Huppert

    We love Amy Adams very much; she will most likely get a statuette. However, our choice is the French woman with the face of the sphinx Isabelle Huppert, who, with her sixty-five-year-old tail, was so ignited in the drama about rape (the film of Paul Verhoeven “She”) that we still have goosebumps.

    "The best dramatic male role"


    • Casey Affleck - "Manchester by the Sea" (for the role of Lee Chandler)
    • Joel Edgerton - "Loving" (for the role of Richard Loving)
    • Andrew Garfield - "For reasons of conscience" (for the role of Desmond Doss)
    • Viggo Mortensen - "Captain Fantastic" (for the role of Ben Cash)
    • Denzel Washington - "Fences" (for the role of Troy Maxson)

    Our Choice: Viggo Mortensen

    In the film “Captain Fantastic”, the fantastic Viggo Mortensen turned out to be strong and vulnerable, confident and sad, wise and - unexpectedly - young without a beard (and this is 58 years old!). His hero raises six children away from civilization, nurturing in them the strength of spirit, teaching the sciences, doing physical training. His wife perishes, and the whole family, plunged into the bus, goes to her funeral ...

    If you still perceive this cool actor as Aragorn, you should reconsider his work with Cronenberg (“Defect for export”, “Dangerous method”) and the post-apocalyptic drama “The Road”.

    "Best Direction"


    • Damien Shazell - La Lalende
    • Tom Ford - "Under the cover of night"
    • Mel Gibson - "For conscience reasons"
    • Barry Jenkins - "Moonlight"
    • Kenneth Lonergan - "Manchester by the Sea"

    Our Choice: Tom Ford

    Tom Ford - the perfect confirmation of the phrase "A talented person is talented in everything." He is not a designer who plays in directing. He is an original director with his own vision, which was confirmed by his receiving the Grand Prix of the Venice Film Festival. "Under the cover of night" - Ford's second directorial work, in which two stories unfold in parallel. A successful gallery owner (Amy Adams) receives from her ex-husband-writer (Jake Gyllenhaal) the manuscript of his new novel - a drama about a family that has been attacked by nasty types on the road ...

    "The best comedic film"


    • "Women of the twentieth century"
    • Deadpool
    • "Florence Foster Jenkins"
    • "La la-land"
    • "Sing Street"

    Our Choice: La-la-Lend

    A wonderful musical film by Damien Shazell,who shot "Obsession" about the drummer, tells the story of a jazz musician (Ryan Gosling), who seeks to open a club and play his music. He meets an aspiring actress (Emma Stone), who breaks into the cinema ... Emotional, charming, conveying tender greetings to the old Hollywood film can become a musical of a new generation.

    "The best actress in a comedy or musical"


    • Annette Bening - "Women of the twentieth century" (for the role of Dorothea)
    • Lily Collins - “Rules for the Side” (for the role of Marla Mabri)
    • Hayley Steinfield - "Almost Seventeen" (for the role of Nadine)
    • Emma Stone - La Lalende (for the role of Mia Dolan)
    • Meryl Streep - Florence Foster Jenkins (for the role of Florence Foster Jenkins)

    Our selection: Emma Stone

    It’s impossible to burst between Meryl Streep, Annette Bening and Emma Stone. We reasoned like that. Always beautiful Meryl has already received the Golden Globe for her contribution to cinema (the award of Cecil B. de Mill), for Annette Bening we will be very sick on the Oscar (she already had four nominations - it's time!). Therefore, with a light heart, we give the award to Emma Stone, who played the beginning actress in a romantic musical together with her longtime partner Ryan Gosling.

    Golden Globe 2017: who will win?

    "The Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical"


    • Colin Farrell - "Lobster" (for the role of David)
    • Ryan Gosling - La La Lend (for the role of Sebastian)
    • Hugh Grant - Florence Foster Jenkins (for the role of St. Clair Bayfield)
    • John Hill - "The Guys with Barrels" (for the role of Ephraim Diveroli)
    • Ryan Reynolds - Deadpool (for the role of Wade Wilson / Deadpool)

    Our choice: Colin Farrell

    Colin is trying his best to get out of the hot sultry handsome. He also played on the nerves with a pitiful mustache in the second season of “The Real Detective”, and the psychopath-boss in “Horrible Bosses”, but Farrell is still too easy to imagine in romantic costume films about love. "Lobster" - another actor's attempt to go beyond the image, very successful. In this dystopia, Farrell's hero in cute glasses must choose an animal that he turns into if he does not find a mate in a hotel where he spends his days. The choice, of course, falls on the lobster.

    "Best Drama Series"


    • "Game of Thrones"
    • "Very strange things"
    • "This is us"
    • "World of the Wild West"
    • "Crown"

    Our choice: "The World of the Wild West"

    For seven seasons, "The Game of Thrones" was not blown away,but the most spectacular TV show of our time comes to the heels of the most significant and mysterious - “The World of the Wild West”, complete nostalgia for the 80th “Strange Affairs” and the historical project “Crown” about Elizabeth II. We choose "The World of the Wild West" - the traps that were set there for the audience were the most interesting.

    "The best comedy series"


    • "Atlanta"
    • "Darkening"
    • "Mozart in the jungle"
    • "Obvious"
    • "Vice President"

    Our choice: "Mozart in the jungle"

    The new "Atlanta" and "Darken" could not fascinate as projects that have long been shining in the arena. After hesitating between the “Vice President” and “Mozart in the Jungle”, we give preference to the last one - the series about the vivid everyday life of conservatory workers.

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