• Decoration of glasses with hydrangea flowers and foamiran anemones

    Such glasses will be an excellent decoration of the table for celebration and celebration. These flowers are not afraid of water and do not crumple.
     anemones from foamiran
    For work we need the following materials: - two tall glasses. - plastic suede pink, milky and green. - 80 cm of green tape 0.5 cm wide. - glue gun. - floristic wire. - iron. - scissors - glue "Moment". - moist napkins., - toothpicks., - tweezers., - glue with sparkles for children's creativity. - bed of crimson, yellow and fi flying colors. - ready-made stamens for flowers or homemade ones. - corrugated paper. To begin with we will draw templates of future colors. For one glass, the twig will consist of 1 anemone and two large leaves, you still need 10 hydrangea flowers in diameter of 4 cm and 8 thin leaves.And the anemone consists of 2 scavengers, one in diameter 6.5x6.5 cm, the other 7x7 cm. Leaves for anemone size of 8x7 cm, and for hydrangeas we take a rectangle 5x8 cm. Then you need 2 strips the size of 1x16 cm and the second 10x2 cm.  draw patterns of future colors
    Take pink Foamiran and cut two six-six, two stripes. From the plastic suede milk color we cut 10-12 quatrefoils, and from the green suede we cut out a triangle and two leaves.  cut out the template We all cut out for one glass. Now proceed to the coloring of the petals. We take a dry crimson bed and a finger, on which we put a damp napkin, we collect a little paint and tint on the edges of the leaves on both sides. Considering that the paint will come off a bit when further processing the workpiece.
     We take foamiran of pink color
    We tint with crimson color and a thin strip, and we will tint a wide one with purple color. On the green leaves, too, we pass along the edge with a damp napkin with a crimson bed.But on small flowers, from milk foamiran, we tint on both sides only the middle with yellow color.
    Now you need to cut the green rectangle into 8 parts, similar to a high triangle. On pink strips we make teeth like a saw. But the purple blank should get a fringe. It is necessary to incise thin strips, but not cutting to the edge.
     cut rectangle
    Turn on the iron for the second position or wool. We apply a strip with teeth to the heated surface, they will slightly take another shape from the heat.
     attach the strip
    Similarly, we process the purple fringe. we attach a strip But after the iron, it is desirable to fasten the edges of the fringe with your fingers and they will become thinner and shaggy.
     fasten the edges of the fringe
    It is time to give the petals anemones a new shape.It is also necessary to apply a little to the iron and quickly add up, in three steps, to make all the petals on each other.
     petals on each other
    Now gently scroll all the edges of the petals together with your fingers, thinning them, then smooth them out a little.
     scrolling with your fingers
    We continue to work on the petal. You need to gently use your fingers to stretch each leaf of the petal in the middle, stretch it.
     We continue the work
    And the tips of this workpiece have a little more tweaking. So we treat both petals.
     we process both petals
    We give a green shape to big green leaves too. Apply to the iron for a few seconds, and then with the edge of the tweezers we draw stripes, pressing on the sheet. To make the stripes better, you need to put the sheet on a cloth folded several times.
     add a new shape
    And again with the fingers we complete the creation of a new shape,making depressions along the edges and in the middle.  add a new shape
     add a new shape
    Getting to the petals of hydrangea. We put one at a time, and if possible, then two at a time, between corrugated paper. We take the iron and warm it through this paper, just press it with an iron. Then, additionally, press with fingers. The petals have interesting strips.  Getting Started with Hydrangea Petals After being treated with an iron, we also fold all the petals one by one.
    add all the petals
    Just like in the past petals we do twist, but in these colors is not strong. And straightened, making a groove in the middle of the workpiece.
     make twist
    We apply a new shape to all such petals.
     do a little scrolling
    And green thin leaves do a little scrolling with a thin edge.Just putting everything together, we turn our fingers several times.
     We start the assembly
    We start the assembly of the flower anemones. We take a piece of floristic wire with a diameter of 0.8 cm and a length of 8 cm. At one end we make a small loop-bend.
     fasten the strip with teeth

    Turn on the glue gun and gently fasten the strip with teeth, glue, turning them up. The whole strip is fixed on one level.
     fix the strip with the teeth
    Now take the strip-fringe of purple and glue it on top of the first strip, from below. It will be the stamens of the flower.  fix a strip with teeth
     decorating glasses with hydrangea flowers
    Wire with stuck stamens pierced the middle of a small pink petal.  decorating glasses with hydrangea flowers Glue it to the bottom of the stamens,just up the wire.
     decorating glasses with hydrangea flowers
    Attach the second petal in the same way, but press to the first so that the petals are staggered.
     decorating glasses with hydrangea flowers
    Now turn the flower upwards with wire and green Put the leaf on the flower, piercing the wire 1 cm away from the wide part of the sheet.
     decorating glasses with hydrangea flowers
    We also pierce the second sheet and paste it, tilting them closer to one side.
     decoration of glasses with hydrangea flowers
    The flower is ready. Two small details remain. The first one is the decoration of the second stamens with glitter glue for children's creativity.
     decorating glasses with hydrangea flowers
    Now we take corrugated green papercolors.
    green paper
    With the aid of Moment glue, we fasten this tape along the entire wire.
     decorating glasses with flowers of hydrangea
    We start the assembly of hydrangea twigs. Take the stamens.
    glue stamens
    We cut them in half and fix with a glue gun on the back of the flower so that the stamen was in the middle of the workpiece about 1 cm high. Pre-toothpickers make holes all small petals.
     stamen sticks
    To all the lobes of milk color stuck the stamens.
     stamen sticks
    Now take again a wire of 8 cm, a strip of corrugated paper. On the edge of the strip we attach the edge of the wire and two flowers beyond the edges of the stamens with Moment glue.
     we glue with green tape
    With twoscrolling around the wire with a ribbon we fix a thin green sheet.
     we glue with green tape
    So we continue to alternate the flowers and sheets, all fastening with crepe paper.
    glue with green tape
    When 3 cm to the edge of the wire is left, then an anemone flower should be attached to this place. But beforehand the wire on the flower needs to be bent. Retreat 1 cm from the leaves, tilt the wire down.
     decorating glasses with flowers
    And together we glue together with a green ribbon. You can glue the remaining small petals. The sprig is ready.
     decorating glasses with flowers
     decorating glasses with flowers
    Now we take the finished sprig, 4 remaining flowers of milky colors, green ribbon 40 cm, width 0.5 mm, and the glass itself.
     decorating glasses with flowers
    B "Moment" glue rem. We grease the stem of the glass with it, apply a sprig, straightening the wire.And then we wrap the green beautiful ribbon, well pressing it to the glue. And it remains to fix two small flowers at the beginning and at the end of fastening the tape to the leg of the glass.
     decorating glasses with flowers
    Everything is ready, it takes time to dry. But we have glasses of steam, so we decorate the second glass in the same way, only we take into account the slope of the twigs. On one glass in one direction, and on the other in the other direction from the anemones.
     decorating glasses with flowers
    Good luck to all.

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