• Glass containers for canned food

    Glass containers for canned foodGlass jars, bottles, bottles are widely distributed in the canning industry for packing canned fruits and vegetables. In some years, the production of canned fruits and vegetables in glass containers reached 70-80% of the total production of canned goods.


    Glass containers are sealed with metal lids, and there are different ways of fixing the metal lid on the neck, or, as it is commonly used, different ways of sealing, depending on the design of the neck corolla. The existing classification of glass canning containers is based on closure methods. According to this classification, the canopy corners of the cans come in three types, denoted by Roman numerals: I - rolling, II - crimping and III - threaded.


    Glass jars have conventional symbols, which consist of the type (I, II or III), the diameter of the neck corolla in mm (58, 82, 68) and the capacity. For example, the can 1-82-1000 is a rolling bank with an outer diameter of the throat of 82 mm and a capacity of 1000 cm or a P-82-650 can of crimping with a diameter of the throat of 82 mm with a capacity of 650 cm3.

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