• Girls, would you like a breast size a little more ??

    Question to the beautiful half, would you like a little bigger chest ?? I never extended my desire to make a breast augmentation, but I told my friend that I was going to consult with Blokhin to find out how much the venture would result in, what I got just a bunch of negatives ... Do you need it? After all, you ... and other excuses. As if I did not ask her opinion, I just put it before the fact. Now it’s even interesting, if only I would like more breasts than nature has awarded me?
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    Answered on October 25, 2016 13:48
    She answered yes, because her breast size is very small, even she does not reach the first size. Therefore, I need not even a little bit bigger breasts, but much more. Ideally, I would like a third size, a classic of the genre of its kind. I would not tell anyone that I plan to do the operation, even the closest. I think that a friend just envies you, never mind, not everyone can afford an operation with Prof. Blokhin.Usually, if I talk about something in fact and when they ask or speak, it is possible to understand you, I wanted to share it.

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