• Gift ideas for colleagues on February 23

    Although the Day of Defender of the Fatherland will not come so soon, but you need to choose gifts in advance, because this is an important and responsible matter. And what can you give to your colleagues?

    What should be the gift?

    Will have to try to please

    What could be a gift for a male colleague? Define the criteria by which to choose it:

    • In any case, even a small gift should be pleasant. By the way, to make such a gift, it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money. If your imagination works well, then you can come up with something bright and original, but not too expensive.
    • If the donated thing is useful, then a colleague will certainly appreciate it, so consider this and do not give cute trinkets (the representatives of the stronger sex simply do not see in them the meaning).
    • Nothing personal! In any case, it is not necessary to give a colleague underwear or socks, even if you are on friendly or close relationships, it is simply indecent. It is not necessary to give perfumes, they should be chosen by a beloved defender of the fatherland.
    • If you have a young team, in which there is a light friendly atmosphere, then you can choose cool gifts. But a serious middle-aged man may not appreciate such a surprise.

    And remember that the most important thing is attention. So even the most inexpensive gift, presented with all my heart, will delight any defender of the fatherland.

    How to find out what men want?

    Standard version

    The preferences and tastes of men are undoubtedly different. But how to find out? There are several options:

    • Casual conversation. Go to lunch with your male colleagues and try to talk to them. For example, start a conversation about hobbies and interests, it will give you a tip. Then reproduce the entire conversation in your memory and remember who is interested in something.
    • A little trick. Tell them that you need to choose a gift for February 23 for a friend or brother (the spouse will not work, because you can give him something personal and intimate) and ask the male half of the team what to choose. Memorize all the proposals and those who put them forward, because everyone will advise what he would not mind taking possession of.
    • Vote. And this option is possible. For example, if there are many men in a team, then it will not be easy to find out the preferences of each.Prepare some forms and offer several categories, such as “cosmetics”, “hobby” (at this point the voter will have to indicate his hobbies), “useful accessories”, “jokes” and so on. Each colleague will have to vote and do not forget to specify your name. After the vote, you will analyze the results and will be able to choose a suitable and useful gift for everyone.

    Individual approach or collective intelligence?

    Undoubtedly, an individual approach is preferable, as everyone will receive something special and will understand that the choice of the gift was spent time and effort, which, of course, is very nice.

    But if there are a lot of men in the team, then it is simply impossible to find out the preferences of each. In this case, it is worth choosing collective gifts. But it’s still not worth giving the same surprises, they should differ in some characteristics (even in colors or shapes).

    Few ideas

    Difficult for men

    So what should you give to colleagues on February 23? We offer interesting ideas.

    Gift impression

    Pleasant emotions and vivid impressions sometimes cost much more than the most expensive gifts. Several win-win options:

    • Arrange your defenders a real holiday! If funds allow, invite colleagues to the cafe. If the budget is limited, arrange a celebration right in the office. Prepare the room in advance, decorate it. Do not forget about the treats. Defenders will certainly be pleased to taste homemade dishes prepared by female colleagues. If everyone brings something from home, then the result will be a chic and rich table. And, of course, prepare a festive program. These can be contests, songs and dances, riddles and more.
    • If there are poets or creative personalities in your team, then dedicate a poem to each man, which will list all his qualities and virtues.
    • Arrange for colleagues a real man's holiday by renting a bath for them. Defenders will certainly appreciate such a gesture.
    • Go to all the friendly team in a bowling club or in another institution.
    • Offer men to feel like real defenders of the fatherland, immersed in an exciting game of paintball. You can also invite colleagues to the shooting range or to play laser tag.
    • The head can give a subscription to the pool or for a few relaxing massage sessions.Water and other stress relieving procedures will definitely not interfere with it.
    • Air greetings. For each male employee, purchase a balloon. Inside the balls put congratulations. This may be a leaflet with congratulations (certainly original), a processed photo, an interesting portrait or a caricature.

    Military attributes

    And though they are not the most useful, but they will certainly remind every man of his purpose and essence. Today you can find military flasks, field caps, sauna caps in the form of field caps, slippers in the form of airplanes or tanks, circles in the shape of grenades and much more.

    Useful stuff


    • Any office employee at work will need a memory card. But pick up something original and unusual, for example, a map in the form of a pistol or an airplane.
    • On a winter evening, a defender stuck in a traffic jam will warm the tea, which he can always take with him, having the original thermos.
    • Many will appreciate this gadget as a heated mug.
    • Safe-box, finally, will teach a man not to spend the entire salary at once and help save for a holiday or a new car.
    • Do you want to give something useful, unusual and inexpensive? On sale you can find different sets of 2 in 1, 3 in 1 or even 4 in 1.So, it can be a key chain with a knife, flashlight, nippers and a pen. It is very convenient and useful.
    • For many relevant automotive accessories and accessories: air fresheners, nano-mats, phone racks and much more.
    • Stand up sutra and not be late for work will help unusual alarm clock, for example, flying or fleeing.
    • A set of wooden beer mugs or unbreakable glasses can be useful for gatherings in the men's company.
    • Rid of stress after a hard day's work will help a variety of toys that relieve stress.
    • An office worker will definitely come in handy for a wireless computer mouse.
    • Real men love and know how to cook, and a stylish men's apron will help to avoid stains.
    • If you know the preferences and hobbies of your colleague, but you are afraid to make a mistake, then secure yourself by buying a gift certificate for a purchase in the store of tools, fishing or hunting accessories or in any other. Let a colleague choose something he likes.

    Corporate Gifts

    To support the corporate spirit and rally the team and at the same time please your colleagues, order interesting souvenirs.These can be mugs with a company logo, key rings, pens, organizers, notebooks, various travel sets, and much more.

    With humor in life

    A bit of humor

    Laughing and smiling prolong our lives, so give your colleagues something funny, for example, an exciting and funny board game for a friendly company, an unusual and funny statuette, a puzzle, a bell to control a woman (yes, it happens) or something another.

    Helpful Tips

    Some useful tips for those who have to choose gifts to colleagues:

    • Take care of buying gifts in advance to think and prepare everything.
    • It is also important how you present a gift, so prepare an original greeting.
    • Determine with the budget and start from the amount you want to spend.
    • A good gift is a gift presented with a soul.

    Let all colleagues be satisfied.

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