• Gato Audio and their mono-brand systems

    Amplifier Gato Audio CDD-1 photoGato Audio CDD-1 Amplifier

    Gato Audio focuses on the creation of technology for building complete high-end mono-brand systems, as evidenced by a diverse, albeit rather narrow range. In the company's catalog there are only two electronic components - CD-player / DAC CDD-1 and integrated amplifier AMP-150, three models of acoustic systems, as well as cables - intercomponent and acoustic. As part of this test, we focused on Gato Audio electronics. There are few audio devices that have such an original and attractive appearance.


    The most characteristic features of the player and amplifier are, firstly, the round displays in the center of their front panels with an arrow and with luminous original icons and digital indication, and secondly, round sides - stylish cooling radiators on which the palms are so comfortable when carrying. The chassis, as well as all the visible parts of the player and amplifier - radiators, front panels, controls - are made of aluminum.The problem of cooling in the player is less relevant than in the amplifier, and the rounded sides are preserved in Gato Audio CDD-1, apparently, from purely stylistic considerations. A significant visual aspect is the white lacquer on the top panels of both blocks. A high-quality glossy coating is formed by applying six layers of lacquer with sanding intermediate and polishing the last layer. Gato Audio also offers components with black lacquer or with solid walnut or cherry accents. The price of devices does not depend on their finishing.


    An arrow on the player's screen indicates the playing time of the track or disc being played (depending on the selected display mode). The same arrow of the amplifier display shows the selected volume level. The presence of digital inputs (including USB) and outputs indicates the possibility of independent functioning of the transport and the Gato Audio CDD-1 DAC when connecting external devices. The converter supports signals with parameters up to 24 bit / 192 kHz, with upsampling of the input stream to the appropriate level. Dual differential design involves independent power supply channels. Unusually solved loading disk.And what is remarkable in her is not that she is top, but that which is a clamp. The removable massive round metal element (remotely resembling a pressure cooker lid), held in place by a magnetic method, has a non-detachable rotating central part and two side cutouts in the form of fruit lobes, through which the carrier is visible.


    Beauty is beauty, and useful tips are tips, but the user will have to worry about protecting the transport - first of all, the optical head - from dust, which is easily able to get inside through the slits. The device used is very popular in the High End-environment drive Philips CD Pro2 LF; transport, power supply and digital analog cards are separate.

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