• Furniture for living rooms from Italy LAGO MOBILI

    All homeowners want to transform their home. They are engaged in creating a modern interior and a lot of attention is focused on furniture. Italian furniture is the main engine of quality and fashionable design in the furniture industry. The country is famous for its long tradition, which embodied furnitureLago Mobili.

    Lago Mobili Workshop - the guarantor of unique design

    This factory can not be attributed to the century-old manufactures of Italy, but it has gained a reputation as one of the most important players in the European market. Lago Mobili was founded in the 1970s. Founded by her very talented masters, who focused on the design decision of furniture. Even at the present time, production has changed little, since the unique decor is still popular today.

    But besides laconic design, brand furniture has quality, reliability and practicality. All elements are subject to strict verification, and the factory has only highly qualified personnel.They turn on “you” with a tree and use the most modern technologies that expand the capabilities of the organization.

    Lago Mobili has a wide range of products for:

    1. Kitchens

    2. Bedrooms.

    3. Hallway

    4. Guest rooms.

    Main advantages of Lago Mobili

    The secret of the success of a brand from Italy is that selected types of wood are used in the manufacture of furniture. All elements are re-processed, but the wood is not exposed to negative impacts. The application of toning saturates the wood with a noble shade.

    Use in the upholstery of high-quality and expensive materials at the level complement the selected tree. The color scheme is chosen so that any interior will be cozy. The packing consists of the newest materials, which will preserve the ergonomic quality of products for a long time. An example of this is a bed with glass legs, which was decorated to its full length with the poses of the Kama Sutra.

    Looking at the furniture of Lago Mobili, with the naked eye you can see conciseness, classic elegance, which has been popular for many years.However, this is not an excuse not to apply modern designs, where it is possible to have electronic elements, without which it is very difficult to live. Our organization is glad to all homeowners who want to have in their home an impeccable interior. We can buy popular models of Lago Mobili in Moscow.

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