• Funny contests for the New Year 2019 Pigs

    Having gathered at the festive table with guests or relatives, I want the time spent to be filled with fun and joy. After all, you can eat tasty on any other day. So feel free to take the reins in your hands, and make up the program of the New Year's Eve. We have several options for great contests. And we will be happy to share them with you.

    Fun from the heart

    The symbol of the next year is the Yellow Pig. Although she is a pet, she is quite playful and mobile. "Mistress" will certainly be favorable to you, if you enjoy plenty of laughter and enthusiasm in the New Year's Eve.

    Well, are you ready for the competition? Then rather get acquainted with our list of entertainment.


    This is the easiest option, which does not require any effort from guests. Prepare funny and just interesting promises, write them on sheets.

    Each of those present chooses their own piece of paper, and read out the promise. For example, "I promise not to put money on the stash,and treat friends to them, ”“ I promise every morning to cook breakfast for everyone, ”and any other, witty and kind, just pleasant and“ with a joke ”.


    No feast is complete without them. But in our case the task will be a bit more complicated. Write on the sheets 2-3 letters, and before saying the word, the toast must choose a sheet.

    From the letters that are indicated there, and the first 2-3 words of the toast should begin. I wonder how your company will get out when it gets the letters L, L?


    On the cards they stick photos or write the names of famous personalities. The task of the one who chose a card is to explain who is depicted on it. Personalities can be both politicians, show business stars, and new year or cartoon characters.

    New Year News

    One of the best board games. The facilitator needs to prepare cards on which 4 words must be written that are not combined in meaning. But 1-2 of them should be on New Year's theme.

    For example, “snowman, London, rose, cucumber”, “new year, sink, clouds, windmill”, “winter, suitcase, duck, frying pan”.

    And now let everyone tell the most important news of the future of the new year.

    Children's quiz

    If the company has children, then they also should not be forgotten. A couple of contests, and they will be delighted. The simplest version for kids is a quiz. And since 2019 is the Year of the Pig, then the questions need to be prepared accordingly.

    Fortunately, cartoons on this subject is enough now.

    • What are the names of 3 pigs from a fairy tale?
    • What is the name of Peppa Pig's brother?
    • Who constantly visited Winnie the Pooh?


    If everyone is already sitting at the table, it's time to start active games. Divide those present into two teams, and give out each bucket and a set of snowballs. The latter can be done by crumpling sheets of paper.

    The task of the participants is to take turns throwing snowballs into the bucket from a certain distance. Which team will have more of them, she won.


    In winter it is cold outside and without mittens. But how to be, if the button is unbuttoned, and you do not want to remove the mittens? Try to repeat the same situation with your guests.

    Several of them are issued on a sweater with buttons. Another - mittens. The task is to fasten buttons as quickly as possible, without removing the warm accessory.

    Great idea for a holiday of any scale.

    Relay race

    If you need a competition for a corporate party, feel free to take this one.Simple but very funny. You need to create 2 commands. The task of the first player is to run up to the table on which the mandarins and teaspoons lie, put the mandarin in a spoon, and return to your team as soon as possible, passing the baton to another. The team that succeeds in moving the fruit faster won.

    Dancing near the Christmas tree

    At the end of the entertainment program, you can make everyone happy with the most moving game. The leader gives the task to everyone - to depict the dance. Then follows an indication of someone - a merry snowflake, a tired Santa Claus, a cunning fox, a little hare, a lazy seal.

    Those who show the best artistry, rely reward the prize.

    No one will be bored. After all, it is in the atmosphere of friendliness and happiness that the new year should begin. Let it be one of the best for you and your families!

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