• Folk remedies for the treatment of cough

    Onion jam - a folk remedy for cough, which will help both adults and children. To make it, grate the onions. Mix a glass of onion with a glass of sugar, boil for five minutes. Add a couple of tablespoons of honey to the unheated mixture. Children can be served with such a teaspoon every hour.

    The option is softer: mix 100 grams of sugar and water, boil the syrup, add the chopped onion and boil the whole mixture over low heat until the onions dissolve. Serve a teaspoon per hour to the child, a tablespoon to an adult. Such a tool can help very quickly.

    Mustard with honey: a teaspoon of dry mustard, 50 grams of honey, the same amount of butter mixed and take one teaspoon before eating.

    To get rid of cough quickly, you can make this mixture. Mix a raw egg in one bowl, a tablespoon of honey, milk, melted butter, vodka, add a teaspoon of soda.Stir the mixture until smooth, drink on an empty stomach. To cure cough with the use of such a means is often obtained at once. If necessary, repeat the procedure.

    Treat the cough with fir oil. Interior pork fat will be needed - about 150 grams, it should be mixed with the same amount of fir oil. The mixture should rub the chest, wrap up with a warm scarf on top, then go to bed.

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