• Folding Valentines

    Winter brought with us not only amazing and magical New Year's holidays, but also gave us such a romantic and gentle holiday as Valentine's Day. We started celebrating this holiday more than 25 years ago, and now we are looking forward to it every winter in order to please our soul mate with a small gift. On this holiday it is not necessary to give each other something expensive and elegant. It is enough to exchange on February 14 with small postcards called “Valentines”, in which we leave different romantic and love wishes. Of course, you can buy some Valentine and in stores, but especially they will be considered valuable if they are made with the soul and with their own hands. Such valentines can be made in modern scrapbooking technique. Right now we will consider a master class for making folding beautiful valentine cards. For the master class we take:
    • Watercolor paper, two sheets 17 * 24 cm;
    • Scrapbumag from romantic collections,take bright yellow-and-red tones of paper with elves;
    • Scraps on love themes from scrap paper,
    • Pictures with bears and angels;
    • Felling: hearts red and pink, flowers, glasses and champagne;
    • Stamp "With Love" and ink
    • Puncher and butterfly 3D;
    • Satin ribbons: salmon, pink and white with hearts;
    • Rhinestones;
    • Pearl beads; br>
    • Glue pencil, double-sided adhesive tape, thermo-gun;
    • Scissors, pencil and ruler.
     Folding Valentines
    For the master class, we take
    So, as we have already decided before, we will make valentines folding shape, so from where we begin, it's from watercolor paper will make the basis for postcards. In height, we leave 17 cm, and divide the width into parts: 6 cm, 6 cm and 11 cm.
     basics for postcards
    The Basics for Postcards
    Draw lines of bends and add them in this way.
    We draw lines of bends
     Draw lines of bends
    Make two blanks. Now we need to cut out two ribbons of hearts with ribbons, only four, to tie cards to the bow.
     We make two blanks
    Making two blanks

    Double-sided adhesive tape sticking the back segments on both sides and tying bows in front. Now go to scrap paper.
    sticking rear
     sticking back segments
    For each postcard, cut out two rectangles of 10.5 cm * 16.5 cm and 4 rectangle 5.5 cm * 16.5 cm.  Folding Valentines
     Folding Valentines
    Cut out the figure of pictures with elves, insert hearts between the pictures. We glue on one strip a flower, glasses and a picture, on a large rectangle we glue a flower with a picture and a rectangle of watercolor paper for wishes.We also make openwork edges with a curb hole punch and glue on the prepared rectangles.
     Folding Valentines
     Folding Valentines
    Similarly, we glue everything to the second postcard.
    Folding Valentines
     Folding Valentines
    Sew all the elements, and now all these parts are glued to the basics, except hearts with elves.
     Folding Valentines
    Folding Valentines
    Sewing, and now on the front part we glue the hearts with the elves. It remains to nadyrokolit butterflies, make bows and slightly decorate our valentines.
     Folding Valentines
     Folding Valentines
    Postcards are ready. It turned out very bright and romantic.Grateful to everyone for their attention, until we meet again!
     Folding valentics
     Folding Valentines
    Folding valentics
     Folding valentics

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