• Fire alarm

    We moved to a new office, made repairs, settling in. In order to comply with the regulations of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, we need to install a fire alarm. Advise, who knows where to go in Novosibirsk? What are fire alarms?
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    Answered on February 21 00:07
    Fire alarms are audible, light or combined. You also need to proceed from the fact whether you will still pull the wires, make a wall - so you can choose a wired or wireless system.
    Answered on February 21 00:14
    It is better to choose a fire alarm immediately. It is divided according to the method of connecting the detectors, that is, various sensors can be installed - heat, smoke, glass break sensors.
    Answered on February 21 00:19
    I think the best fire alarms are with an early warning system. You should also pay attention to the fact that in addition to installing the system, you also need a fire alarm service.Therefore, you need to choose a proven company with which you make a contract.

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