• Thread lifting: what is it and who needs it?

    What kind of rejuvenation methods do not offer us today clinics and beauty salons: beauty treatments, hardware techniques, surgical tightening. The filament lifting in this chain stands in the middle between the cosmetology and surgical procedure, but is considered the most effective anti-age procedure. What does it mean?

    The fact that the effect of the procedure will be visible during the first week and will last for 1-2 years, all depends on the type of threads and individual characteristics of the organism. The method of introducing the threads under the skin is not traumatic - using small punctures with a special needle and under a local anesthetic. No scars, scars and at least some traces of the introduction of the filaments will not be visible in a few days.

    What is the use of a filament lifting?

    • Fuzzy oval face line
    • Omission of tissues
    • Pronounced wrinkles, wrinkles
    • Dry, flabby, dehydrated skin
    • Unhealthy, dull complexion

    What effects does a thread lift promise?

    • Rejuvenation and skin tightening
    • Smoothing wrinkles and eliminating wrinkles and creases
    • The return of a clear oval face
    • Elimination of the second chin

    What are the threads?

    Threads for suspenders are different, they differ in the depth of injection under the skin (superficial and deep layer) and composition (absorbable, most often from caprolactone, and non-absorbable, for example, gold). Each type of thread has its own advocates and opponents, however a large number of experts recognize the most effective absorbable threads that are inserted into the deeper layers of tissues. Why? For such a procedure, fewer threads are used, they tighten all the layers of the skin, and since they completely disintegrate in a year and a half, there are no problems with their removal.

    Result To

    Result To

    The criterion of "non-traumatic - safe - effective" is distinguished by the caprolactone threads Dermafil Happy Lift, which was developed by the Italian giant for the production of products for aesthetic medicine - Promoitalia. Along the entire length of the Happy Elevator threads there are special notches that fit tightly in the fabrics and do not allow the threads to move.

    Result After

    Result After

    In addition to the usual threads to tighten the face and strengthen skin turgor inthe line of Italian yarn is and implemented. Thus, the Nose thread was created for non-surgical changes in the shape of the nose. The Boca thread is used in lip contouring or lip augmentation procedures, and the Vaginal Narrower thread is a unique product for strengthening the musculoskeletal system of the perineum.

    Where to hold the thread lifting Dermafil Happy Lift?

    Remember that the procedure for the filament lifting is only for a specialist. having a higher medical education and a diploma of training to work with threads for suspenders. The clinic or salon where you intend to perform the procedure must have a license for medical activity.

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