• Ficus Home care

    Ficus Home careFicus is one of the most common indoor plants. According to the latest data, there are now about 800 varieties of these flowerpots in the world, and the vast majority of them are very popular among the hostesses of Europe, Asia, America, Australia and Africa. However, in Europe, the described plant is an ordinary guest, because here it can only be grown artificially. The birthplace of ficus - a country with a subtropical climate.

    How to care for the ficus at home?

    For ficuses, home care is not needed as thorough as, for example, for orchids, but in some conditions this plant still needs it. We list the main:

    1. It is desirable that the temperature in the room with the described pot does not fall below 20aboutS. Ficus is a heat-loving plant. In winter, in extreme cases, it will survive 12aboutC, but in summer he needs to keep the temperature at least 22-23aboutFROM.
    2. Once a year in any program of care for the ficus must include a transplant. Especially if he is young.If the plant is a bit older, then you can get by with transfers every two years.
    3. It should be noted that the pot should be transplanted to the pot, the diameter of which will be 3-4 cm wider than the previous one. If you do not have the opportunity for transplantation, then at least change the top layer of the soil.
    4. Also an important role in the care of ficus at home is watering this plant. From March to August, the volume of moisture consumed at the pot increases, and in the fall and winter are halved.
    5. Ficus and care for them - this is not such a difficult thing, but do not forget that water is the main thing what they eat. If it is not enough, the leaves will turn yellow. If, on the contrary, too much, then the roots may begin to rot. Therefore, never leave water in the pan. By the way, water these vases better than the settled and tepid liquid.

    Ficus Home care

    1. Answering the question “How to care for a ficus?”, It should be noted that such plants also need a kind of mineral replenishment. Suitable for this, for example, tincture of nettle, mullein or wood ash. Ficus feeds with these funds from early spring to late September every two weeks.
    2. Most kinds of figs need a lot of lighting, so try not to deny them such pleasure.
    3. Also considered a vase is desirable every 14 days to wash, because the dust worsens its photosynthesis. From time to time, bring the plant into the bathroom, cover its soil with plastic and gently wash the leaves with warm water. After water procedures, hold the pot in the bathroom until it dries.Ficus Home care

    Ficus - home care and timely watering

    For ficus care at home is optimal when they are watered in a timely manner. How to determine the best time for such a procedure?

    1. If you were given a ficus, and you do not know how to care for it, use our advice. Dip your finger in the pot and analyze the soil moisture. If for 1-1.5 phalanxes of the finger the ground will be dry - water the pot.
    2. What ficus need care if it is above the specified size? Attach a long wooden stick near the plant, touching the bottom of the pot. If the stick is wet in the 10 cm area after the "start," then bring the water to your beloved houseplant.Ficus Home care

    In general, these recommendations are sufficient for high-quality courtship of the ficus, for care at home for which you need to take very responsible.Do not forget that this is also a living being.

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