• Fashionable skirts 2015

    A skirt is a thing without which it is difficult to imagine the wardrobe of a woman of fashion. Agree to wear a dress every day uncomfortable. Trousers and jeans are inferior to the beautiful and fashionable skirts of 2015 in terms of grace and femininity. Therefore, in the women's wardrobe should be present such things. Only a skirt helps a woman to emphasize grace, tenderness and an easy walk.

    Knowledge of the subtleties of fashion in clothes will help to match the taste preferences of women and world trends.

    Fluffy skirt

    1. In the collections of designers dominated universal skirts, trapeze A-silhouette of medium length. They fit all shapes and cases.
    2. Pleases a variety of materials and fabrics. Designers offer products from thick and thin fabrics.
    3. Lace and chiffon skirts deserve special attention. They are suitable for the winter or spring season in combination with boots, boots and warm tights.
    4. The A-silhouette became the undisputed leader among the styles.

    Pencil skirt

    1. Pencil skirt at the same time comfortable, stylish and versatile.
    2. Contrary to the constant cycles of world trends, the pencil skirt will not go out of fashion, the classics will last forever.
    3. Products made of dense material are considered fashionable, but skirts made of transparent and thin fabric are also present in collections.
    4. The main elements of the decor of the skirts was a long cut.

    Short skirt

    1. Pleated models are among the short skirts in fashion. Look great in combination with golf and fashionable shoes.
    2. Skirts of simple and soft material, decorated with fringe and beads, are equally popular.
    3. Retained preppy items. These versatile and stylish skirts are the perfect solution for a casual or festive look.
    4. Skirts in a cage, which managed to become classics, are approaching the top of leadership in fashion.

    Leather skirt

    1. The true trend of the current season are leather skirts. A product made of natural material should be present in the women's wardrobe.
    2. Style and length play a secondary role.
    3. Designers have prepared a lot of skirts made of leather, decorated with shiny metal rivets.
    4. The highlight of the season are products made of silver or gold leather.

    Which version of fashionable skirt to give preference, you decide.

    Fashionable skirts for full

    The skirt is the most feminine item of clothing.With her help, a woman makes a figure proportional and refined, focusing on "important" places. Slender and plump women prefer skirt to create a business, evening and everyday style.

    Choosing a new dress for the season, I advise women of size XL to pay attention to the following models.

    1. Skirt with belt and high waist.Emphasizes the chest, hides the tummy and thinning the figure, dividing it into ideal proportions. Combined with a contrasting blouse tucked inside.
    2. Flared skirt.Relevant retro-styles of medium or long length. If it comes to a large size, the length should be regulated: maxi or midi.
    3. Medium length pencil skirt.The presented option is suitable not only slim ladies, but also "appetizing" girls. I recommend combining with shirts and blouses in fashionable colors.

    Let's talk about the winter season. New dress should warm and take care of health even in the dead of the frost.

    1. The length of the winter skirt for full - medium or maximum. Such clothes in tandem with high boots protects feet from the cold and looks not bad.
    2. Relevant natural and warm fabrics. The best option is a product made of wool or merino.Do not ignore the coat material. This dense fabric holds the form and is not pulled out.
    3. In the fashion of the right prints. In the trend, a diagonal and a wide strip.
    4. Hide the shortcomings of the figure will help drape. Due to the large number of folds, the image is stylish and effective.

    Even a woman with a non-standard figure will find a stylish and fashionable skirt. The main thing is the desire to look fashionable and elegant.

    How to sew the most fashionable skirts

    Skirt - an essential element of women's wardrobe. It helps to emphasize the beauty of the legs, height and waistline. Shops offer a huge range, but you can make a skirt yourself.

    Shopping trip takes a lot of time and effort. You can show skill and sew a thing yourself. For the realization of fantasies in the life of a good mood, free time and patience.

    Can not imagine the summer season without flying cloth? I suggest replenishing the wardrobe with a chiffon skirt that will take the top of the lead among your favorite clothes. For sewing you will need a piece of fabric measuring two meters. I recommend using a light flowing material - silk or chiffon.

    1. Measure the volume of the hips and determine the length.
    2. Lay out the material on a flat surface. Using chalk and a ruler, mark the elements of the future skirt on the wrong side of the material.
    3. The width of the first element should correspond to the volume of the hips plus 20 cm above. The length is 30 cm. The length of the second and third element is similar. The width is 40 and 60 cm.
    4. Take the first element that is the top and base of the skirt. Stitch the side seam and process the upper seam on the overlock.
    5. Fold the treated edge to a centimeter, sew and insert the elastic. The main thing is to wear tight clothes on the hips.
    6. Sew the side seam of the second element. At the top edge, slightly fold the fabric so that the width matches the size of the bottom element. It remains to finish the parts and process the seam with a zigzag machine seam. Do the same with the third part.
    7. Try on the skirt and use the pins to pinch the length. Wide skirts are usually worn with shales or with sandals without heels. The turned part is treated, fold and postpone below the edge. The side seam of the finished product is swept on the overlock.
    8. It remains to iron the fabric with an iron. To prevent the material from getting damaged, cover it with a thin fabric.Skirt is ready.

    For decoration I recommend using decorative flowers, beads and beads. If you decide to take this step, use a thin needle and a reinforced thread. You can decorate and glue rhinestones. Just remember, not every fabric will withstand the heat of the iron when fixing jewelry.

    Just look at the women to see that the dresses and skirts have disappeared from the wardrobe. Only occasionally on the horizon flashes such clothing. Most of them are girls or grandmothers. Sometimes they wear short skirts and young girls. Fashionistas consider the skirt not fashionable and uncomfortable clothing.

    Every woman has the right to choose, but do not forget about the origins. Beauty, morality and feminine happiness is determined by appearance and clothing as well.

    If you do not wear such clothes, I recommend to reconsider the views on the wardrobe. Believe me, the skirt is the power to change life.

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