• Fashionable and unusual leather pants for all (8 photos)

    At all times, it was believed that leather clothing was the direction of a certain subculture, it was her people who, due to some of their convictions and current circumstances, wear leather leather jacket twists, vests and, of course, leather pants with great enthusiasm.

    But, as we do not get tired of repeating, fashion is a changeable thing, and now most of these things are integral elements of the collections of most famous designer houses.

    Stylish and powerful

    If we turn our eyes to the light, we mean famous and successful people, they have long noticed the increasing popularity of leather pants, and have been using them for a long time and successfully in their own, both evening and everyday fashion.

    Such pants can rightly be called another explosion of the season, which, by all predictions, will not subside for a long time. But no matter how cool and original they are, it should always be borne in mind that fashionable leather pants or leggings are a very brave and liberated element of both women's and men's wardrobe, because only confident people can wear them.

    Another recent piece of clothing rebel and biker, has long been successfully entrenched in the business and casual style of successful women.

    The main good figure

    The most important thing in such clothes is to learn how to choose and combine them with other wardrobe elements, only in this case your image will be harmonious, feminine and concise.

    The first thing that such pants are associated with is freedom, looseness, audacity and sexuality, as it is, but in able hands, with their help you can create almost any image: you are going on a date or plan to put them on a business meeting.

    The first and most important thing to remember: leather pants should sit perfectly, only in this case you can create the right and organic look.

    How to choose good leather pants?

    Although leather trousers have long been entrenched on the tops of world podiums, for many women their purchase, and even more sock in real life, still remains an impossible dream. If this is so, then it is time to fulfill your desires, and for this you need to figure out how to choose "your" model from the variety that we are offered in stores and boutiques.

    For fashionistas

    First of all, remember that you need to choose them based on the features of your own figure, for example, if you have extra pounds in the hips, then thin leather pants like leggings will not exactly decorate you, you will have to choose models of more dense material preferably without extra drapery and decor.

    Although it is very fashionable now, it is necessary to remember that excess patterns or decorations can highlight the flaws of your figure and add a few extra kilos in problem areas.

    Thin slender girls, as it is not difficult to guess, are much easier to choose from because almost any style will suit them, but remember that “flat” and overly thin young ladies should choose bright colors, perhaps with draperies that will give the figure a bit of volume.

    For the brave and confident

    By the way, the highlight of this season can be called bright red or burgundy leather pants, which fit the legs tightly, emphasizing all the smooth and harmonious transitions of the female body.

    Such models will be very useful for thin girls, as well as owners of delicious and moderate forms.By the way, both donuts and thin ones should turn their attention to novelties among leather pants - bananas and riding breeches - they will easily hide excessive thinness or extra folds.

    With regard to the direction of choice, those who have never come across leather pants may prefer to give preference to classic strict models, which, in combination with blouses and jackets, create a very extravagant, but not provocative phenomenon.

    A little courage

    For those who seek to attract with their appearance as much attention as possible, it is better to choose narrowed and tight-fitting models, and to heighten the effect, you can add pants made of metallic and glossy leather. Such models, as well as possible, give the female body sexuality and audacity, ideal for club parties and parties.

    Naturally, pay attention to the quality of the skin, if you choose a natural material, then it should not have clues, stretch marks or scratches on its surface.

    Check for sure the seams, they should not glow or stretch, it is better to give preference to products made of soft leather - they sit better on the figure and look nobler.If leather materials are unacceptable to you, it does not matter, now many fabrics are fabricated, impregnated in a special way, which gives them a “leather” look.

    What can I wear leather pants with?

    It all depends on what image you plan to create, because, as we said, here you can very well fantasize. If, for example, you do not want to shout about your audacity and sex appeal, then try combining leather pants with a “soft” top: a warm mohair or knitted sweater, turtleneck noodle or poncho.

    In this contrast, you can balance the challenging pants, you get a very comfortable and relaxing image, as shoes you can choose ankle boots or boots with a wide heel. In this outfit, it's great to walk along the street or meet friends - harmoniously and uniquely.

    Celebrities wear leather

    To create a feminine, soft style, the best way to combine trousers from the skin with a light, sometimes even translucent blouse. Better that it was a free cut and gentle color, in this way, you will create both a romantic and very erotic image.

    Classic shoes are best for shoes.To heighten the effect, you can add a stylish and small, for example, in the form of an envelope, clutch.


    To create an image of a “biker girlfriend”, you don’t have to strain yourself very much, because the trousers themselves are half the battle, and this is how the engine roars and the speed goes down.

    It would be appropriate to add a T-shirt or T-shirt of a free cut, necessarily a wide, not tight-fitting, with an aggressive print. Deliberately coarse, decorated with spikes or other fittings, high-heeled ankle boots will add color to the image, and a leather jacket will be needed in a cool evening.

    It is appropriate for each day

    The final accent of this image is a large ring or powerful earrings, a small clutch bag or a small backpack, if you prefer boots to ankle boots.

    In addition, leather pants - a great option for a party - just add them with a bright top, massive jewelry and high heel shoes.

    For a casual look, classic straight trousers fit in with a neutral blouse and slim fit jacket. The image can be finished with the help of beautiful shoes with small heels.

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