• Fashionable and luxurious dresses with open back

    If you want to shine and catch your rapturous looks, put on a dress with an open back. But first find out how to choose it and wear it properly.

    Who would suit such a dress?

    Unfortunately, fashionable dresses with an open back are not for everyone. Happy owners of a slim figure can wear them. Although the forms can be mouth-watering, the back should look perfect, because any creases and other excess-weight defects will be exposed and, accordingly, striking.

    Some requirements are imposed on the skin. If her condition leaves much to be desired, then first put it in order and make sure that your bare back will look attractive and not ugly and ridiculous because of acne covering it.

    And finally, posture. If you are used to slouching and walking, stooping and dropping your head, you will not be able to demonstrate the chic of a luxurious dress with an open back in all its glory and fully, because this part of the body should be beautiful and feminine, have a sexual bend.

    When is this outfit appropriate?

    Dress with an open back is the right way for the evening look, in it you will shine and delight. You can also wear a cocktail party, a date or a meeting with friends. Some models are quite suitable for everyday wear in the warm season. But this option is not exactly business, office and discreet, so it is not suitable for official meetings and office work.

    How to make a choice?

    How to choose a dress with an open back? Pay attention to the following points:

    • Length. The top of elegance, sophistication and femininity is, of course, long dresses. But only slim and tall girls can afford such a model. Although high-heeled shoes can help. If the growth is small, and the studs do not like you or are contraindicated, then a dress above the knees is ideal for you. But remember that overly short dresses often look vulgar and inappropriate. Midi length is suitable for girls with fairly long legs.
    • Style. It is worth paying attention to him, and to find the perfect option, you need to take into account the peculiarities of your figure. If you are the owner of an ideal body, then any model will suit you. But to show all their dignity will allow a tight dress.Excessively wide hips will help to hide the flowing flared hem to the knees or below. If the buttocks are not as voluminous as we would like, then choose a dress in the “new look” style with a lush bottom. And the excessive thinness will be hidden by a free model with draperies.
    • Cutout. The back can open as usual round deep cut, and more interesting. For example, this part of the dress can be decorated with laces interlacing the body, chains or laces, various draperies. Also, the neckline can be figured and decorated with inlays with lace, ruffles, a bow at the very bottom and other decorative elements. But they should not be bright and numerous, because the main focus of the image should remain just a bare back. It is worth paying attention to the depth of the cut. It can be as insignificant and modest, opening only the upper part, and extreme, almost reaching the buttocks. But the hollow between them (or the panties that close it) must remain hidden from prying eyes, otherwise you will look extremely vulgar and vulgar.
    • Sleeves. The dress with long sleeves looks more elegant and feminine, it personifies a certain restraint bordering on femininity and sexuality.With this model, you can create luxurious evening or festive images, which can be seen at solemn events, such as the presentation of the Oscar. The dress is not straps - it is rather a cocktail option. The image will be more relaxed, catchy. You can also choose a model with short sleeves, barely covering the shoulders or reaching the elbow.
    • Colour. The classic and undoubtedly chic version is a black dress. White will make the image more delicate. Wearing a red dress, you just attract male attention and emphasize sexuality and passion. The blue dress will make you a mysterious stranger. Emerald color is a guarantee of a luxurious look. The claret is associated with wisdom and maturity. And if you want something bright and unusual, then give preference to juicy and fashionable tones, such as mint, coral, pink, yellow.
    • Decor. The open back is already a bright detail of the dress, so its other additions will be superfluous. Still, evening dresses can be decorated with rhinestones, stones or beads, but such elements should be discreet and few, because the views should not be directed at them.

    Fight everyone outright

    To look attractive and slay all, it is important to know how to wear dresses with an open back.

    Important rules:

    1. Start creating the perfect image with a choice of underwear. The bra should remain inconspicuous, otherwise all chic will be reduced to zero, and the image will look ridiculous. There are several options. The first is a silicone strapless bodice. It looks like two interconnected cups, fixed on the chest. But if the bust is voluminous and low, then he will need support. Come to the aid of the second option - a bra with silicone straps and transparent back. He will perform his tasks, but will remain unnoticed. The third option is the so-called transformer bodice with straps wrapping around the waist (their position can be adjusted). And another option - body with an open back. In it you will feel comfortable, and the image will be impeccable.
    2. Hairstyle. If you have long hair, then it is better to collect and raise them in order to be able to demonstrate your back. But you can leave a few flowing strands, they will add to you the mystery and grace.
    3. Footwear.Wearing a dress with an open back is possible only with shoes on heels! Classic evening shoes with stiletto heels are perfect for evening wear, and sandals or shoes with a steady heel or elegant wedge heels will complete the cocktail look.
    4. Accessories. The maximum that you can afford, wearing a dress with an open back - these are small earrings, studs and a thin invisible bracelet. As for the handbag, choose a concise and elegant clutch.


    Finally, some useful recommendations:

    • Wearing a dress with an open back, ask someone to rate you in it (you can hardly do it yourself even with the help of a mirror), and even better take a picture. Carefully look at yourself in the photo to immediately see any defects, for example, suddenly appeared pimple on the back.
    • If you are worried about the fact that in such a frank outfit you will feel uncomfortable, then grab a jacket or a cape that covers the back. As soon as you feel confident, show yourself in all its glory.
    • Be confident and believe that you are irresistible! Then everyone will appreciate your image.
    • Can't choose a suitable option? See photos of dresses fromcatalogs of popular brands or fashion shows.

    Be stunning and unique in a dress with an open back!

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