• Fashion Jewelry 2015

    Jewelry Returns Positions

    Any modern woman can’t imagine her wardrobe without fashionable jewelry, thanks to which you can complement any look and emphasize your unique style. They can be earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, hairpins, etc. However, fashion is changeable and from year to year dictates new trends. 2015 will not be an exception, in which jewels made of precious stones and metals will become secondary.

    Past defiles of famous fashion houses have shown that large jewelry will be the most popular in the coming year. The most striking example is the combination of a large pendant that can be hung on a fairly bulky textured chain.

    Theme of the fauna - hit 2015

    Another trend next season will be the topic of fauna and flora. The most fashionable decorations will be all sorts of bugs, dragonflies, butterflies and other representatives of the fauna. Such accessories will have quite large sizes. It is also worth noting that flickering crystals and rhinestones are commonly used for their decoration.

    Popular types of jewelry

    As for the various jewelry options, the most popular accessories are rings, earrings and bracelets.


    In 2015, so-called cocktail rings will be popular. They are characterized by large dimensions and a somewhat rough finish. This accessory has a rather extravagant look. That is why it is not suitable for everyday wear. The main function of this decoration is to complement the evening gown. Also next season, multi-tiered rings will become popular.


    As for earrings, then here the scale and volume will be relevant. Taking this into account, in 2015, earrings-pendants that combine several texture variants will be especially popular.


    Actual will be massive and wide bracelets that have any unusual shape. The main theme of the year will be geometry. World-famous designers focused their attention on creating bracelets having various shapes - triangles, rhombuses, ovals, circles, etc. Do not lose their relevance and bracelets, worn on both hands.

    Summarizing, we can conclude that next season will be popular massive and voluminous jewelry.The background will take accessories from precious metals, as well as miniature and fine jewelry.

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