• Fans did not appreciate the dress Miley Cyrus, comparing it with a washcloth

    After the producers of the American music show “The Voice” decided to pour a little fresh blood into it, Gwen Stefani left the jury, and 24-year-old Miley Cyrus took her place - and became the youngest judge in the entire history of the project. Fans of the singer were delighted, but the rest reacted to such castling with skepticism, finding that Miley takes not so much talent as shocking - for a show of this magnitude it was possible to find a candidate and more serious.

    Well, the army of detractors of a star recently increased points. At the next release of the show, the singer surprised even fans who were loyal to her antics with a strange dress, which many considered simply out of place: the outfit rather resembled a bright pink three-tiered bell or a dimensionless skirt and distracted attention from what was happening on stage. Even the fact that it turned out to be from the collection of the Spanish brand Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, famous for its fancy models, did not save the couture sophistication.Users of social networks almost unanimously noted that in their choice, Miley broke all records of absurdity.

    "It looks like a scourer or trash bag."
    "My cousin grandmother has the same nightstand, I swear."
    “I imagine how Miley is going to the show and thinks:“ Hmm, a good idea is to put it on ”... Just kidding. I do not represent. "
    "Miley, are you serious?"

    The image of the singer was complemented by pink shoes on the platform and giant rings with rhinestones in the ears. "The bigger the dress, the bigger the ring," Cyrus said on Instagram and seemed satisfied with the choice made.

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