• Fabric Halloween articles

    Halloween crafts made fromfabricwill awakenboth the interest and desire to work for the child. One of the wonderful materials that can be used to make crafts with children of any age is felt.

    Felt is a very dense fabric with a soft, rough surface that retains its shape well and has a useful property - when touching one another, do not slip, but interlock.

     Halloween articles from fabric

    Halloween Halloween cloth

    At the same time, despite the density, the felt is easily sewn, because its fibers are loose, and to hold the needle through the fabric does not need much effort. Therefore, even younger preschoolers will be able to work with felt.

    Crafts made from fabric are very useful for developing fine motor skills of children, since working with any material requires the ability to cut a pattern, cut with scissors along the contour, hold a needle and make neat stitches .Felt is one of the best fabrics for mastering the skill of sewing, as it is easy to hold, sew and cut. It is no coincidence that it is the felt used in sets for small seamstresses.

    Crafts made of felt differ in their volume and elastic form. Even one layer of this material looks quite weighty, and if you make a figure of two or three layers of felt, it becomes very bulky and strong. These qualities of felt can be used to create Halloween characters - for example, pumpkins, ghosts and other monsters. The figures make an interesting garland, which is used in the design of the room.

    To work, you need to prepare:

    small pieces of felt of different colors;


    wool thread;

    cardboard patterns of figures;


    embroidery threads;

    needles with a wide eyelet;

    blunt scissors;

    buttons and other little things (beads, beads) for decoration.

     Materials for crafts

    Materials for handicrafts

    Work builds footprint this way.

    A piece of felt folded in half. Close to the edge (to save material) we apply a pattern.Someone prefers to draw directly on the felt, and this technique is quite acceptable if you are confident in your artistic abilities. If not, draw a pencil around the template. Remove it and cut the resulting silhouette.



    We also make small parts - eyes, mouth, pumpkin - a sprig and a leaflet.

    We insert into the needle a thread of color contrasting with felt, we help to secure the knot and proceed to sewing. For babies who still have poor sewing skills, it is better to draw the contours of the future seam - and it will be easier to work, and the stitches will be even and neat. The seam is overlaid with the “Forward Needle” technique, the main thing is that the stitches are as smooth and equal in length.



    Pumpkin Jack

    Pumpkin Jack



    After flashing the contours of the figure, we impose on it the necessary order of small parts, if there is widely regarded as one - fix them with safety pins.We sew with small stitches with a thread of one color with every detail.

     Fabric Halloween crafts

    We make bows from tow or other interesting material (for example, bows from a sponge look unusual). They should be enough neutral tones, so as not to distract attention from the felt figures.

    We fix the figures on the carded yarn, alternating them with bows. Done! The more figures and bows you make, the longer the garland will turn out and it can be hung on the open wall.

    You can hang the figures with the bow fixed on top, decorating the whole apartment in this way.

    After the holiday is over, you can attach a key ring to the most beautiful figure and use it as a keychain.

    Also, a very unusual, interesting hand-made lock is made of felt. It can be made before Halloween, but it will not lose its relevance at any time of the year.

    For work you will need:

    • three large rectangular or square pieces of felt - two black and one blue colors;
    • a piece of yellow felt or some small yellow felt pieces;
    • pieces of white, red, brown,green and any other felt;
    • scissors;
    • a pencil and a remnant (or a piece of chalk).

    Let's proceed.

    The basis of crafts

    The basis of crafts

    On one of the pieces of black felt draw the outline of the castle. It should be as interesting as possible, decorated with various shapes and sizes of turrets. Cut it out.

     Windows and doors

    Windows and doors

    From the pieces of different colors we make proportional to the size of the lock of the workpiece:

    1. Windows (draw frames on them for greater similarity). We make windows both white and yellow - as if the lights were turned on in some, but not in others.
    2. Doors.
    3. Sun.
    4. Moon (month) .
    5. Clouds.
    6. Trees and shrubs.
    7. Ghosts.

    And any other figures that our imagination.

    Getting creative!

     Castle by day

    Castle by day

    Felt lock

    Castle made of felt

     Castle at night

    Castle at night

    One of the large pieces of felt will become the main background. If it is blue, the picture is day, black is night.For more convenience, it is better to fix the background with buttons or small carnations on the tablet or even the surface of the child’s table.



     Ghosts fly

    Ghosts fly

    We place a lock on the background and proceed to decorate it: we put windows and doors in different parts of the window, decorate the space around the castle. If you have the desire and a large amount of felt, you can cut a variety of fairy-tale characters and create pictures from them.

    Such a creative toy with your own hands is up to every parent and child, and the joy of playing with it will last long.


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