• Expansion joints for tiles.

    I heard about the expansion joints that should be used when laying tiles. I would like to know more specifically, the technology of their application. Prior to that, he only used inter-seam crosses.
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    Answered on July 11, 10:34
    Expansion joints are used only when laying tiles on large areas. If you are laying tile in the bathroom, then it is enough to install the intersectional crosses.
    Answered on July 11, 10:44
    I received an order. It is necessary to lay tiles around the pool in a private house. I thought to do with plastic crosses, but the customer insists on installing expansion joints. On the Internet I found a website where you can find out in detail when it is necessary to use deformation seams for tiles. Look, maybe this information will be useful to you.
    Answered on July 11, 10:53
    You have seen a competent customer, usually people refuse additional costs. They say that there is enough interstitial seams.In general, expansion joints, or as they are called temperature joints, should be installed every 6-7 meters.

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