• Examples of interesting hairstyles with a comb

    Chic and original hairstyle - a guarantee of a stunning look. And for it to be so, use the comb. But first, find out what hairstyles can be done with it.

    How to choose a comb?

    For a perfect hairstyle, it is important to choose a suitable comb. Here are a few important points to look out for:

    • Material. It is desirable that he was durable, not electrified and non-slip, otherwise the accessory will break or will constantly slip out of the curls and spoil the hairstyle. The best option would be rubber.
    • Colour. The shade of the teeth should match the color of your hair so that the accessory does not stand out in the hairstyle.
    • Decor. It should match your outfit. So, if you choose a comb under a wedding dress, then get an accessory decorated with pearls, artificial flowers, stones or rhinestones. For a casual look, a more modest and discreet bow will do.
    • Frequency cloves. Frequent teeth will be suitable for sparse and thin hair, and sparse will allow you to gather thick curls.
    • Teeth length If they are long, they will fix the curls.A comb with short teeth can be used only for decoration.
    • Width. The thicker the hair, the wider the crest.
    • To create more complex hairstyles, you can purchase a comb consisting of two parts connected by a chain, elastic bands or a cord.

    How to make a haircut?

    We offer interesting hairstyle options with a comb.

    Option One

    In the photo and in real life, this hair looks elegant and feminine, and it's very easy to make it. To create the required comb with frequent teeth, a comb, some invisible and lacquer for fixation.


    1. Hair need to be combed well.
    2. Now separate the upper part from the forehead and approximately to the crown.
    3. Raise the separated part and scratch the hair at the roots.
    4. Collect the curls at the crown and fix with a few stealths.
    5. Now place the comb in the curls, so that the decorative part covers the invisible being, and the cloves are located below them.
    6. Done!

    Option Two

    With the help of the comb you can make a romantic bunch. You will need a thin elastic band, a comb, a comb and a few pins.

    Description of the creation process:

    1. First, comb your hair well and collect it in a ponytail.It is desirable to place it on the back of the head or slightly above it, so that the decoration can be clearly seen.
    2. Now take the tail at the base and start to twist it into a bundle, at the same time laying it around the base (i.e., elastic bands) in the direction of twisting.
    3. Continue to twist the hair to the tip was at the top. In several places, fix the structure with pins.
    4. Place a comb above the bundle so that its teeth fix the tip of the bundle and pass behind the elastic band.

    Option Three

    Stylish and bright turn out "babette" with a comb. To make it, prepare a thin gum, comb, hair spray, a few invisible and comb.

    Step-by-step instruction:

    1. Comb your hair and make a low tail.
    2. Raise the curls upward, twist the tips inward towards the base of the tail. Fix them on the top of the head with a few invisible ones.
    3. Above the construction place the comb so that the denticles fix the tips.
    4. Spread the "babetta" and sprinkle with varnish.

    Fourth option

    If you have an accessory consisting of two combs, connected by thin elastic bands (usually they are decorated with beads or beads), then you will be able to gather your curls into a stylish “shell”. This will require several studs, comb, comb and varnish.

    Process description:

    1. Well comb your hair and divide them into two parts.
    2. The left side is fixed and set aside so that it does not interfere. Right start to twist inward and simultaneously lift upward. Tip the tip, and fasten the entire structure in several places with studs.
    3. Now twist in the left part of the hair, fix the hairpins. The result will be two adjacent shells.
    4. Next, place one scallop sideways in one shell, and the other in the other, that is, on the opposite side.

    Option Five

    Enumerating fashionable youth hairstyles, one can not but mention the so-called inverted tail, which with the help of a comb will gain elegance. To create the required comb, comb and gum.


    1. Make a tail under the crown or on the back of the head, after combing the hair.
    2. Slightly lower the gum and ringlets over it divided into two parts.
    3. Thread the tail several times through the hole.
    4. Secure the comb so that it closes the gap.

    Option Six

    Beautiful comb can complement the Greek hairstyle. Prepare a comb, gum, bezel, comb, and several stealth.


    1. Comb your hair.
    2. Put a rubber band around your head over your hair.
    3. Separate the strand from the temple and thread it through the elastic, pulling it under it.
    4. Continue through the curls, attaching the hair already passed through the gum.
    5. Reaching the back of the head, wrap the hair by the gum. If they are long, then twist them into a roller and fix them with invisible or stiletto.
    6. Above the nape fix the comb.


    Some tips:

    1. To keep the comb better, pre-mix your hair, but only lightly.
    2. Screw the hair, creating a light curl. This advice is relevant for many of the above hairstyles.
    3. It is advisable to do your hair not on perfectly clean hair, but on washed yesterday.

    Create new vivid and original images, using such a stylish accessory as a comb.

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