• Emo: teenage killers or just unhappy people?

    How did emo

    The emo subculture was born, as was often the case in the second half of the 20th century, from a musical movement. In the 1980s, a subgenre called emocore was separated from hard rock in America. The first emo were vegetarians, they did not use alcohol and drugs, refused to smoke. The music itself was characterized by heightened emotionality, the vocalist often broke into a scream, telling about very sad things. The most common problematic topics covered in the texts in the emo core were about love, pain and death. Pretty similar to regular rock, isn't it? But emo has significant differences.
    Emo music is much more emotional, as its name implies. Emo is nothing more than a reduction from emotional. In no genre, vocalists do not scream and do not cry into the microphone so desperately as in emo music. That is why adherents of the emo subcultures are, most often, adolescents, which are characterized by particularly strong differences of emotions.
    Emo teens feel free to express their feelings and cry.It is even one of the signs by which it is easy to distinguish the true adherent of the subculture, in other words, true-emo (true). That is why the primary colors of emo are black (depressive emotions) and acid pink (open expression of feelings and cry). Often emo do facial piercing, which goes well with their traditional makeup with black arrows.
    The main feature of the emo subculture is the absence of barriers in the expression of their feelings. Emo is not afraid to be themselves, to demonstrate their both positive and negative feelings. You can cry, but you can laugh, but what is impossible, is to hide your feelings inside yourself. True emo believe that in order to feel their affiliation to this subculture, it is not necessary to dye their hair or do special makeup. The essence of emo in attitude.

    For those who want to join the emo

    If you want to become part of the emo subculture, then try to start to stop hiding your emotions and mood. This does not mean that you need to be a simple person who puts everything around him as if on a spirit. But you must respect your sharp and deep feelings, showing them, not hiding.
    Emo style is pretty bright. These are mostly black items, among which there are several pink details. Black and white cell is also a characteristic pattern. Sometimes emo wear leather belts and rivets, as this is still one of the rock directions.
    Get to know the emo music more closely. It cannot be said that the style has icons that defined it and would stay on the pedestal for a long time, as it happens in other musical directions. Just listen to different emo music and see if you can find something for yourself.

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