• Effective castor oil for hair

    Surely, many people are not connected with castor oil are not the most pleasant images, because since childhood we have heard how “nasty” and “nasty” she is, because she was used as a medicine with which almost everything was treated.

    We learned this knowledge in the book about Dunno, the information turned out to be quite true, because up to the 19th century many diseases were cured with castor oil: it was an excellent remedy for constipation, many ointments were made based on it, and castor oil was even used to stimulate prenatal fights.

    Now, in principle, castor oil is not so widely spread in medicine, but its healing properties are not forgotten, especially in cosmetology.

    By the way, they get it from an externally ornamental plant, castor beans.

    This is a beautiful and powerful plant that grows mostly in East Africa, but it can be found here, mainly in flowerbeds. The beneficial properties of castor oil were studied in ancient Egypt, in the ancient tombs of which the first remains of castor bean seeds were found.

    Castor oil has a viscous pale yellow consistency, has a characteristic odor, and is also rich in various fatty acids, which make it so indispensable in cosmetology. One of the most common uses for castor oil is hair treatment and care.

    If you decide to care for your hair with this oil, then you need to use only well-purified oils, which can be easily identified by their color: the shade should be slightly yellowish or completely absent.

    By the way, this oil has its own storage conditions - in a cool place, the vial itself should be tightly closed.

    Why is it so useful?

    For lovers to repaint and bleach hair, castor oil should be an indispensable medicine, because it helps to cope with brittle and dry hair, and also produces a strong moisturizing effect that brings a healthy shine and strength to hair.

    It perfectly helps the weakened and falling out hair as it possesses the good strengthening property, especially, if to combine it and with other oils, components.

    Hateful dandruff is also subject to this oil due to its beneficial effects on the scalp.

    For quick and healthy hair growth, you can also use castor oil, because it penetrates into the hair follicle, nourishes and strengthens the hair from the very beginning.

    This oil can be used both in pure form and mixed with other ingredients and oils. Most often, there is not enough time to prepare the composite masks, but it does not matter.

    It is enough to have a bubble of castor oil, which must be heated on the steam bath for 15 minutes before application, since it is in a warm state that the oil best reveals all its medicinal properties.

    Before you begin rubbing oil in the hair roots, you must check it by touching it with your finger, otherwise you can burn the scalp. The oil is carefully absorbed into the roots of the hair, after which it is distributed along the entire length, special attention is given to the tips, because castor oil perfectly fights with split ends.

    Then the hair must be wrapped in cellophane to create an additional thermal effect.Keep this kind of mask should be about an hour, then wash the hair twice with a soft shampoo. This application of castor oil has both a curative effect and can act as a prevention of all kinds of problems with hair.

    By the way, heated castor oil is excellent as a basis for scalp massage procedures. It is better to add a couple more drops of lavender oil, mix everything thoroughly. Light massage movements on the scalp helps to improve blood circulation, which has a positive effect on hair growth.

    For dry dandruff

    The oil itself is very useful and nutritious, but in combination with other oils and components, you can achieve an enhanced result, as well as a speedy recovery with hair loss ailments. For example, it directly concerns the treatment of dry dandruff of the head.

    To do this you will need to mix 2 tbsp. our oil with the same amount of calendula tincture. Components you need to rub into the skin of the head, leaving it for 20 minutes. Calendula has anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties that are very helpful in this situation.

    Another option for the treatment of dandruff - in equal proportions mixes castor, sunflower, refined vegetable and olive oils, as well as shampoo, everything is thoroughly mixed and applied to the hair, special attention is paid to the roots.

    After 20-40 minutes, the head is thoroughly washed. Naturally, such procedures must be done regularly, for several weeks or months.

    With strong hair loss

    There are a considerable number of hair masks, one of the components of which is castor oil, they struggle not only with hair loss, but also give the hair a healthy shine, fill them with useful microelements, and also give them volume and lightness.

    One of these recipes includes: butter, egg yolk, onion juice and honey. Everything is mixed in equal quantities, most successfully - one tablespoon of each ingredient. Everything is thoroughly mixed, castor oil is preheated beforehand, the mixture is applied to the hair, paying particular attention to the roots and tips.

    To heighten the effect, you must hold the mask for about an hour, wrapping your hair and head with cellophane, and you can also throw a towel on top.The head is washed with shampoo several times, it is advisable to do this a couple of times a week, regularly.

    Another option is to mix in equal quantities of medical alcohol and oil, the mixture is carefully distributed through the hair and left for 1 or 2 hours. After the procedure, the hair should be washed with shampoo, and then rinse with acidified water. Mask has a good effect when the maximum long lasting on the hair, for example, if there is a possibility, it is better to leave it at night.

    By the way, the mask, using castor oil and onion juice, perfectly awakens dormant onion, which contributes to the appearance of young hair. The effect will be enhanced if aloe juice is added to such a mask.

    Numerous reviews of girls who have already tried on themselves the miraculous effect of masks for hair with castor oil, say that it really helps. Therefore, if all cosmetic products do not help you at all, then try to turn to the secrets of traditional medicine, you will see, the result will not disappoint you.

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