• Easy flirt: wisely attract the attention of men

    Flirt - the best female weapon in the seduction of men. After all, when conquering men's hearts, it is not necessary to have the notorious 90-60-90, it is enough to master several techniques perfectly, and He is at your feet. However, mastering the art of unobtrusive temptation is not easy, because It contains many subtleties and nuances. So, easy flirt: wisely attract the attention of men.
    How to flirt with men
    How to flirt with men
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    It is not good to start flirting, being in a careless dress, with unkempt hair, peeling nail polish and a faceliness. Appearance should be immaculate. Literally, nothing to complain about. Otherwise there will be no proper certainty. And without it, there’s no need to start something up - it is unlikely to work out.

    Eye contact

    This is the basis of successful flirting. The “right” look will fuel the interest in your person of the man you need. Make eye contact with him, look carefully, as if remembering something, for 5-7 seconds, then smile and turn away, looking away.Wait a minute and again give him your mysterious glance and - again, take your eyes away. It is not difficult to learn, and the result will exceed all expectations.

    Eye contact procedure works great. The man understands that you are sending him some signs, and this prompts him to respond


    A kind smile can disarm any person, because is a direct sign of friendliness. And flirting, devoid of a smile - wasted time. If you implemented the first two rules in good faith and with high quality, add an open smile to them, and a free conversation between you will arise by itself.

    Unexpected movements

    Men are fascinated by the usual for women actions concerning the guidance of beauty. To correct a bang or a recalcitrant curl, pull up a tight skirt, fasten / unfasten a button on a blouse ... It turns out that it excites them a lot. For example, what is unusual in the fact that a girl, having habitually thrown up her hands, straightens her hair? However, there is no doubt that a man will certainly notice the beauty of his hands, and how resiliently he lifted his chest. And if you still see the navel ...

    Game legs

    A rare man does not appreciate intently female legs.Even if they are hidden by pants. It is known that the change of legs in the famous “leg by leg” pose worries men, somewhere on a subconscious level, they are wondering and waiting - what will happen next. Sexologists point to another circumstance: men start up from the sight of women who do not put their legs tightly in a standing position, but keep them slightly apart (no more than 10-15 cm between the feet). The male point of view is unequivocal - it is very sexy and seductive.


    If everything goes as it should, and you are already talking, you can safely move on to the language of "random" touches. Without busting. Accidentally, fleetingly, barely imperceptibly touch the arm, shoulder of the man. Brush off the invisible fly (or something else there) from the cheek, from the lips, from the chest ...

    Reception of "random touches" works for one hundred percent. It is only important to learn to feel the thin, almost jewel line that separates innocent flirtation from the direct offer of intimate relationships.

    Manner of speech

    If you believe the statistics, then the first impression of a person is obliged to:

    • its appearance - by 55%;
    • manner of speech - by 35%;
    • the content of the conversation - by 10%.

    Do the following exercise: say the question “Yes?” In different variations: questioning, admiring, surprised, naive, incredulous, etc.Were you convinced that timbre and intonation are performed with a word, even so short, real miracles and that it can mean anything, depending on your desire? Determine the appropriate sound for the occasion and - forward to victory!

    Riddle that you want to solve

    With all sincerity in communication, it is not necessary to reveal to the end even before the prince on a white horse. For questions, give vague answers, see a provocation until a certain point. Shake shoulders, smile, mysteriously shut up, without finishing the phrase, shining with a spark of mischief in the eyes. A man who has not been able to finally understand a woman will inevitably want to meet with her and learn more closely. Solve the riddle that she now presents to him.

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