• Easter Bunny

    In the bright holiday of Easter can not do without the Easter Bunny. It is a traditional attribute of a holiday in Europe and America. On the eve of Easter, mass sales of chocolate bunnies and postcards with their images begin. Millions of babies are waiting for this cute little animal hiding painted holiday eggs. Since the children like this tradition, rabbits have appeared in the form of soft toys. They often decorate the house, give to relatives or friends. This master class will help everyone to sew the Easter Bunny on their own. This simple craft can be made with your child. Materials and tools: • cotton fabric; • threads (white, pink); • • needle; • braid, • sintepon, • beads (black, 3 pieces), • scissors. 1. To begin to make the Easter bunny, you need a template. Therefore, we first draw a rabbit shape on paper and carefully cut it out. This will be the template for future crafts.
    2. Now we transfer the pattern to the fabric.We fold the fabric in half, attach the rabbit pattern, draw around the contour and cut out exactly along the line. You should have two identical parts. For making a rabbit, it is best to take linen or cotton fabric, monophonic or with a small pattern.
     transfer the pattern onto the fabric
     narrow band

    3. For decoration, we need a bright, narrow ribbon. Cut a piece of braid, attach to the body of the rabbit and sew so that the front side can not see the stitches. Band, protruding over the edge of the figure, cut off. We use white threads for sewing.
    4. Animate the figure. Make the face of the rabbit using beads. Sew eyes of black beads. We do not cut the thread, it is useful for sewing the next part.
     We animate the figure
    5. Sewing eyes, attach the nose with the same thread as the eyes. Having fixed a nose, we make mustaches. To do this, we pass through the bead several times (about 4-5 times)to get several loops.
     Sewing eyes
    6. Next you need to cut the loops of thread, threaded through the bead. Using scissors we trim the edges of the threads so that the whiskers are the same on both sides. Now they look like real ones.  cut loops of thread
    7. After finishing the design of the muzzle, proceed to stitching parts of the rabbit. Sew the parts by hand with a seam “over the edge” with pink threads. We start to sew from the bottom, with paws. Make sure the stitches are the same.
     we fill the rabbit
    8. We sew the rabbit incompletely, leave it not sewn down. Through this hole we fill the figure with a padding polyester. Distribute it evenly so that all parts of the rabbit are filled. The figure should be a little flat, so fill the synthepone is not very tight. If there is no padding polyester, you can replace it with another filler, for example, cotton wool, padding, holofiber or others.
     Easter Bunny
    9.Filling the rabbit with a sintepon, sew the place of filling with a seam "over the edge". That's it. Crafts Easter bunny ready!
     Easter Bunny
    10. The rabbit will be an original decoration of the holiday table. Also, a bright figure will decorate a basket with eggs, which you can give to friends.

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