• Dyukan Diet: Magic Bran

    According to the system of the French nutritionist Pierre Ducan, many Hollywood stars have lost their weight with overweight. Among the clients are Dr. Duchess Kate Middleton, singer Jennifer Lopez, actress Penelope Cruz, model Gisele Bundchen and other celebrities. What is the secret of the Dukan nutrition program? It turns out that bran plays a significant role in the fight against weight.
    Oatmeal Dyukana Diet
    Bran in the Dukan diet
    Photo: Woman's Day Archive

    As is known,Ducane techniqueincludes 4 stages:

    Short phase “attack”during which you need to eat foods high in protein for quick weight loss.

    Phase "Cruise"- alternating protein-vegetable days to achieve true weight.

    Phase "Consolidation"- return to the usual products, the observance of a balanced diet.

    And the final stage,"Stabilization", not involving any restrictions, but with the observance of two rules: eat 3 tablespoons of oat bran and once a week to arrange a protein day.

    At all stages of your diet, Ducane recommends eating oat bran. Only in different dosages:

    "Attack"- 1.5 Art. l in a day.

    "Cruise"- 2 tbsp. l in a day.

    "Consolidation"- 2.5 Art. l in a day.

    "Stabilization"- 3 tbsp. l in a day.

    What is the secret of bran?

    At firstSince the diet is saturated with protein food, oat bran plays the role of plant fiber, which helps our stomach to digest that amount of protein and work properly.

    Secondlythey help lower cholesterol. And thirdly, even a small amount of oat bran (about 15 grams), getting into the stomach, absorb liquid 25 times more than its volume. Swelling, bran fill the stomach, allow us to feel full, and therefore protect from overeating.

    In addition, numerous studies have shown that it is oat bran that play a positive role in protecting against colon and rectal cancer, as well as for the prevention of diabetes.

    Ducan advises eating bran for life. But it is oatmeal. Why? In fact, wheat and rye bran are also useful for digestion, however, they consist of insoluble fiber, unlike oat fiber. And soluble fiber - this is the trump card, due to which the bran “seizes” sugar and cholesterol and does not allow them to enter our body.

    Wheat and oat bran can be combined, but it is better not in its pure form, but by adding it to homemade bread and other pastries.

    By the way, recently, Dr. Dyukan said that nothing terrible will happen if you eat more bran than he recommends. Maybe you just go to the bathroom more often, that's all.

    The nutritionist recommends making friends not only with bran in its pure form, but include them in main dishes. For example, add them to homemade muffins, pancakes, pancakes and main dishes.

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