• Dutch magazine ridicules beauty standards

    Eight TV stars took part in an unusual shooting.
    Linda magazine
    Photo: Instagram

    Around the world, there is an active struggle against beauty standards. On the podiums of Western countries prohibit the release of too thin models, and Plus size models, on the contrary, are becoming more popular and in demand.

    The Dutch magazine Linda created a provocative filming in which eight TV stars put on unusual costumes of naked people with big forms.

    “The chest, abdomen, hips, buttocks are all different, there are no defined standards of beauty. We need to focus on more important things, ”say the heroines of an unusual project.

    In addition to discussing female beauty, the male body was also captured.

    Each of them has its own weight, in which they feel comfortable, without thinking about what they will look ugly in a bathing suit or torturing themselves with starvation. Irene Moors, one of the stars who appeared on the cover of Linda, says with pride that her weight is 47 kilograms.

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