• Duracell Battery Temperature Indicator

    Surely every one of you knows that most Duracell batteries have a built-in charge indicator. If you have such batteries and they are completely discharged, but don’t discard them, as a visual indicator of temperature can be made from the indicator of such a battery.

    How does the battery charge indicator work?

    Duracell battery temperature indicator
    Everything is very simple. When you press the button, the contacts of the metal foil are closed under the braid.
    Duracell battery temperature indicator
    An electric current begins to flow through this foil, which causes the foil strip to heat across its surface. On the top there is a strip with divisions of different colors. These are cells with a thermal paint that changes color depending on temperature. Each cell has its own paint, which reacts to different parts of the temperature. The red area is the most sensitive, and the last green is not the most sensitive and requires a maximum temperature. As a result, when the strip of foil heats up,depending on the temperature of its heating, different parts of the indicator are illuminated. As a result, an approximate battery charge level is determined. In fact, a strip with thermal paint is a ready-made temperature indicator. Using this indicator, you can visually monitor the temperature of something, such as a kettle, mugs, cans, etc.

    Remove the indicator

    In order to reach the indicator, take a clerical knife. And cut the line at the side near the indicator.
    Duracell battery temperature indicator
    Bend down. So it looks inside.
    Temperature indicator from the Duracell battery
    Cut off the braid.
    Duracell battery temperature indicator
    The cut indicator looks like this.
    Duracell battery temperature indicator

    Temperature indicator test

    To test the temperature indicator, I will put it on the cold soldering iron and plug it into the network.Duracell battery temperature indicator
    The indicator showsthat the soldering iron began to warm up
    Duracell battery temperature indicator
    Temperature indicator from the Duracell battery
    And all the sections of the indicator came on. The temperature of the soldering iron is about 60 degrees Celsius, so you can touch it a little bit.
    Duracell battery temperature indicator
    If you remove it, it will start to cool down and all the divisions will be the same as in the beginning dark.
    Duracell battery temperature indicator
    This indicator allows you to remotely detect and control the temperature, about 30 to 60 degrees Celsius. Where 30 is a red area, and 60 is the last green. To be honest, I certainly did not measure it.

    Practical application

    For control, we glue the indicator on a glass jar.div> >

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