• Dreamed of snails, dream book

    A snail is a creature that moves very slowly. Therefore, in almost all dream books, dreams about a snail speak of passivity, slowness and indecision. But in some cases the interpretation is favorable. The snail crawls slowly but calmly overcomes any obstacles. In this case, it is a symbol of confident and unhurried progress.

    Autumn dream

    If you saw a snail in your sleep, you will have to listen to a lot of reproaches that you are too closed and have poor contact with others. This is true, so you need to be more sociable, talkative and open.

    American dream book

    Such dreams suggest that you need to act and move. Laziness, caution, and passivity must be cast aside.

    Universal Dream

    Such dreams mean that a person does not need to rush things. Everything bad is over, and you have to go slowly but surely to good things.

    Freund's Dream

    If you feel like a snail in the sink, you are close to depression.Numerous stresses do not pass without a trace, so take action.

    Female dream book

    If the snail got under your feet and you accidentally crushed it, be ready to meet with unpleasant personalities. If you watch a snail move in a dream, know that you are in an unhealthy environment.

    Dream for the whole family

    Snails in a dream warn that you should not rush and make important decisions in a hurry. Now is not the most favorable period for change in life. If the snail is completely sitting in the shell, it means that you have taken a waiting position and do not know what to do. This is a warning for you to act.

    If in a dream you saw a huge snail, an influential person will meet on your life road. To dream a snail that teaches horns is a warning for you that your new boss is suspicious of you. This promises you a series of troubles at work.

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