• Drawing a portrait of a salt horse

    Draw a portrait of a salted horse
    To create a pastel painting depicting a salt horse, you will not need any special artistic skills. However, such a small “work” made by yourself will be a great gift. We need: - A3 format sheet - Pencil and eraser (you need to take a pencil hard) Artistic pastels. Instructions for implementation: 1. First of all, you need to designate on the sheet where all parts of the horse's muzzle will be located. This is done with light strokes so that, if necessary, all unnecessary lines can be easily erased.
     We paint a portrait of a salted horse
    2. Now we gently erase all that is superfluous and take pastels in our hands . It is important that the pastels be of medium hardness, since we’re too tough to create smooth tints of the golden wool of a horse,and soft will not work for manes.
     We draw a portrait of a salted horse
    We begin to hatch. Usually pastel hatching from the very top of the future picture, so that you do not mess your hands and smear the lines on paper. The top of the eye sockets should be streaked with a light orange color, while shading the hard lines with the little finger (we will mix all the colors of this picture together with the help of feathering). The forehead of the horse should be painted with soft yellow pastels, adding some white highlights.
     We paint a portrait of a salted horse
    3. Gradually we begin to hatch the entire face of a salted horse, blending various shades among themselves orange, yellow, pink, coral. With all this, a pretty pretty picture is starting to turn out slowly.
     We paint a portrait of a salted horse
    4. Go to the horse's eyes. First, we designate the places where the glare will be, while drawing small circles in the eyes in order to not accidentally paint over them.We add a little blue and green to the black eyes, which will give a special depth to the look of the mysterious steed. We paint nostrils, applying not only black, but also sand, blue colors.
     We draw a portrait of a salted horse
    5. We draw a mane. To do this, first with a thin line draw the contours of the horse's mane, feather, again the lines, feather again. After we take blue and green chalks and draw separate hair (no longer shading). Add some white highlights to the horse's golden fur.
     We paint a portrait of a salted horse
    6. In conclusion, it remains for us to shade the background of our work. This is done with light strokes of various warm shades of yellow, orange, violet and green. We shade the lines we received and everything — our magnificent picture is ready!
     We draw a portrait of a salted horse
    With the help of such a technique, with a little practice, you can create more complex and beautiful pictures.
    Drawing a portrait of a salt horse

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