• Do you buy eco-bags, so as not to use disposable bags, which are issued at the checkout?))

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    Answered on December 9, 2014 9:12 PM
    Are you talking about such paper bags? Yes, in supermarkets where they are sold. I buy. Very comfortable. In Auchan there are such. They are durable and serve for a long time. And one-time bags all the same should be taken. In them the products are different. There is milk, cheese or butter. And also soap and shampoos will pack in them too. Of course, these bags are then discarded when they are torn, but cellophane is not a pity. And big packages are not free everywhere either. So it's better to take an eco bag. Conveniently)) I advise everyone. I still like those brown bags without pens. They are at least transparent! And so go out of the store and everyone sees what you bought. And in the paper is not visible.

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