• Do icons for weddings give other memorable dates?

    The icon is a valuable gift that is given to the most dear and beloved, but more and more people ask themselves: can I give icons? Opinions differ on this score, some consider it a blasphemy, others are confident that the icon will serve as a protector of the house and family, but the church definitely answers: yes, it is possible and even necessary!

    Which icon to give depends on the event: name day, wedding, christening, anniversary. In no case can you donate an icon to an unbelieving person, magicians and sorcerers, otherwise a person who donated a relic may be in trouble.

    can I give icons
    Can I give icons
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    Do icons give for holidays?

    1. Birthday For this holiday you need to choose an icon according to the date of birth of the birthday man or his name.

    2. Two icons are given for the wedding: the Mother of God and the Lord Almighty, they become a talisman at home and should occupy an honorable place in the room. These icons can not be hidden, put on the shelf or peredarivat.

    3. At the baptism of the newborn, icons are given with the face of a saint, in whose honor he is named, and the size is selected to match the height of the baby.

    4.For professional holidays, give small icons with the patron saint of a particular profession.

    5. Severely ill people should give an icon of the Iberian Mother of God, it heals and gives strength to fight against the disease; or choose the icon of Jesus Christ.

    6. Icons for the wedding - a symbol of the family, the unity of souls.

    Two icons are presented at the wedding: for the bridegroom of the Lord Almighty, and for the bride the icon of the Most Holy Theotokos. After the wedding is over, the young people have to leave the temple, holding them in their hands, so their joint road begins. On difficult days, they kneel before icons, bow their heads to them and pray, thank them for marriage and family.

    wedding icon
    Wedding icon
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    A gift from the heart for the wedding

    The icon for the wedding should be written by hand and decorated with an expensive salary so that the young should not be ashamed to place it in the most prominent place. Parents can donate icons, but if they are not there, then it can be done by any close relative. But do not forget that the icon is the sacred face to which they pray. It is not necessary to arrange this church symbol with sparkles, its main goal is to help and protect the family.Each room can have its own icon, for example, in the nursery - the icon of the Virgin Mary, and in the bedroom - Jesus Christ.

    Is it possible to give an icon to an unbeliever?

    From the point of view of religion, there are no such prohibitions, well, and if you look at it from the everyday side, everything depends on the person to whom you are giving. There are cases when a person comes to God in extreme old age or after a serious test, and he does not have to be baptized, in such cases such a gift may be appropriate. But if a person is an inveterate atheist, he is unlikely to appreciate your gift.

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