• Are neutered cats tagged?

    Anna Shuldeshova
    Anna Shuldeshova
    March 21, 2013
    Are neutered cats tagged?

    Cats are living creatures. Each of which - with its own characteristics, character, habits. In answering the question of whether neutered cats tag, a lot depends on the age at which the operation was performed and under what conditions. The answer is unequivocal - if the operation was performed in an adult state, in a mature animal that was used for breeding, there may be labels. Another question is that the labeling process itself will be problematic from a physiological point of view. But cats, as extremely intelligent animals, may well use things that they would like to mark as a latrine. Are neutered cats tagging territory? As mentioned above - can remain a habit of labels. In this case, the animal performs actions, as if it marks, but in fact it does not appear the characteristic flavor. Much depends on the nature of the pet. If the cat knows that he is the master in the house, he is not offended, but only cared for and cherished, of course, in this case it will not be a question of tags.

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