• Do I need to undergo a full body diagnosis?

    The idea to quickly find all the problems in the body is not new. In the nineties there was a heyday of dubious cabinets with outlandish devices, which “scanned” the body and issued a list of turbid diagnoses such as neurasthenia or dysbacteriosis. Since neurasthenic can be called any city dweller, and dysbacteriosis is completely impossible to prove or disprove, the examination has been so popular for a long time. Then he got bored because the doctors for some reason refused to play this fun game and did not take its results seriously. The thing is that "innovative technologies" turned out to be a complete profanation. This equipment, of course, did not scan anything. Simply generated in advance prepared diagnoses. And then followed the proposal to buy "miraculous" dietary supplements.

    Do I need to undergo a full body diagnosis?

    Do I need to undergo a full body diagnosis?

    Alas, it is impossible to be examined from head to foot for one visit to the clinic. And it is not necessary, if there are no complaints. For example, an entire body's MRI is too expensive and long-lasting.All types of blood tests are thousands of titles. X-rays of the whole body - madness and radiation load incompatible with life.

    Clinics that offer to "examine the body in two hours," cunning. And perhaps offer unreasonable diagnostic procedures. For example, back pain without other symptoms is not an indication for an MRI of the spine.

    Before flu vaccination, you do not need to donate blood and urine for analysis: it is enough for a doctor to look through the diagnoses on an outpatient card, to make sure that there is no fever and no complaints.

    The problem is that unnecessary examinations and excessive diagnostics are not only extra expenses, but also maintaining patient anxiety. It is difficult to maintain composure when no "norm" is written in any survey, but instead a dark forest of incomprehensible medical terms: Schmorl's hernia, protrusion, external hydrocephalus substitution ... And let the doctor say that everything is all right, but how is he believe if phrases are written, more reminiscent of magic spells? Alas, this is a sign of our time: the possibilities of diagnostics have advanced, and the doctor hastens to document the features of the patient in conclusion.For example, write that one vertebral artery is smaller than the other in diameter. Or that the mitral valve of the heart is slightly more elastic than that of a significant part of people on the planet. Or that the carotid arteries are not divided into two branches, as described in the anatomy textbook, but into three. All this does not prevent to remain a healthy person. However, if the doctor is not sufficiently patient in explaining this fact, the subject has every chance of acquiring anxiety disorder or situational insomnia from experiencing.

    Do I need to undergo a full body diagnosis?

    Do I need to undergo a full body diagnosis?

    Anxiety about not yet found health problems and the desire to “treat” any deviation from the norm by all means are very beneficial, but, of course, not to the patient. Therefore, it is not necessary to search for a disease “for prevention” without a system. If there are complaints, it is another matter, and an appeal to the doctor in this case is necessary. In other situations, it is enough to go through some simple tests once a year:

    • general blood analysis,
    • general urine analysis,
    • blood glucose and cholesterol,
    • fluorography,
    • ECG,
    • gynecologist and breast ultrasound for women
    • dentist.

    If there are chronic diseases, it is advisable to visit a specialist as often as he recommends.Perhaps the doctor in this case will expand the diagnostic list and give individual recommendations for prevention.

    For the rest, following the rules of a healthy lifestyle, a conscious and reasonable approach to nutrition, moderate exercise - sufficient measures to maintain good health. You should not reinvent the wheel and try to find a disease in yourself through a systematic examination of everything you can. Because this is not the way to health, but to neurosis.

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