• Do I need to enter in the insurance?

    Car insurance for us, motorists, is very important. Every motorist today knows whether you need insurance for the car. Yes, it is impossible to go without insurance these days. Well, if you are fined, this is still half the trouble, and if you get into an accident, you will pay for all its participants: both for yourself and for that guy, as they say.

    The CTP policy must be drawn up by every owner of any vehicle on the territory of the Russian Federation. His absence is punishable by a fine of 500-800 rubles, and your car can be parked for a fine. You should always carry with you a policy and forms of notices of an accident. You can choose any insurance company you want.

    Do I need to enter in the insurance?

    But, although everyone knows about insurance, yet, sometimes, some not very experienced car owners have questions about it. We will try to consider the most common and try to solve them.

    So, you bought a car, but, besides you, it will also be driven by someone else, for example, your friend. Do you write out a power of attorney for him, but do you need to inscribe in the insurance a person you trust to drive your car? The answer is: yes, you need.You must come to the company where you insured your car with a driver's license of the person to be entered, and the employees of this organization will enter his name and license number in the insurance policy form.

    This procedure is free if you enter up to two people in your policy, but these people must have a driving experience of at least three years. If you decide to enter an inexperienced driver, the cost of insurance will increase significantly.

    If the car is official, then it is easier for you to write out unlimited insurance, and in this case, any employee of your company will be able to drive this car.

    Insurance for transit numbers

    If you have just bought a car, but have not yet registered it, does it need transit insurance? In this case, you will also have to fork out for your car insurance. Although you can get a temporary insurance policy for 15 days. It will cost you not so expensive. If you plan to travel in transit rooms a little more than two weeks, for example, if you bought a car for resale, you can get insurance for a month, and even three, in general, for as long as you want.

    Inspection and insurance

    Insurance and technical inspection of things are interrelated, this must be remembered.But there are some nuances. Do you need a checkup for insurance, you ask? No, I don't need it. To insure the car ticket inspection you will not need. But here, in order to pass the inspection of your car, you will definitely need to present a valid CTP insurance policy for at least another six months. By the way, the presence of TO is in no way connected with the effect of insurance. Even if the action of your coupon TO is over, it does not affect the effect of insurance.

    But the presence of insurance should not give you a sense of calm and relaxation on the road. Be careful and do not violate the rules of the road to avoid trouble. After all, trouble-free ride has a positive effect on the value of your policy. The less accidents, the less you pay for insurance next year. So, good luck on the road!

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