• Do as she does: 5 mantras of love for your body by Ashley Graham

    28-year-old fluffy model knows how to love yourself with extra pounds, big buttocks and even with cellulite.

    Ashley Graham is one of the sexiest Plus Size models that makes girls all over the world stop shy of their bodies.

    at age 14, Ashley signed a contract with model agency Wilhelmina Models. And after a photo shoot in swimsuits for the brand Lane Bryant about Ashley spoke all over the world. Indeed, it was difficult to get past the scandal, when a blatant advertising campaign, where Graham showed a naked body, was banned from being shown until 8 pm.

    The 28-year-old model is not shy of her body, demonstrates nude pictures on social networks and shares her “mantras” about the love of the body with fans.

    Ashley Graham plus size model
    Photo: @theashleygraham

    "I practice. I do my best to eat right. I love the body that is given to me. And I'm not ashamed of their bumps, swelling and cellulite. And you should not. "

    “I learned to love my body, I started working on it, taking care of myself.No self-deception, I just told myself: "Everything has changed, you are beautiful and worthy."

    Ashley Graham plus size model
    Photo: @theashleygraham

    “If your feet are touching while walking, it means that you are one step closer to becoming a mermaid.”

    Ashley Graham plus size model
    Photo: @theashleygraham

    “Once I suddenly said to myself:“ What am I doing? My mother did not raise me like this, and my aunt did not raise me like this. ” Then I decided to look at myself in the mirror and say to myself: “I am beautiful, and I have a great figure.” For the first few months I didn’t believe it myself, but in one book I read that if you repeat the same thing every day, it will definitely come true. ”

    “You saw that I just did it (about one of the“ naked ”filming of Ashley. - Rim. Ed.). I have forms, I have cellulite. And I do not like it when people tell me that I should not like myself. If any of you feel embarrassed, just remember that I just took off all my clothes. Just be confident. ”

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