• Diet without harm to health

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    September 5, 2011
    Diet without harm to health

    The process of losing weight should be approached correctly. Very frustrating when girls, trying to lose weight, mindlessly go on a diet or even begin to starve.

    If you are looking for a diet without harm to health, we will tell you one secret ... To lose weight effectively and never gain extra pounds will allow a lifestyle change. We will tell you about the clear rules that you will need to perceive as a diet. Moreover, the diet must be followed all my life. If your goal: losing weight without harm to health, do not miss the opportunity to fulfill your dream!

    Diet without harm to health:

    1. Water. The basis of our diet! So, every day every organism should receive 2.5 liters of fluid, some of which is contained in food. The golden rule - be sure to drink 1 liter of pure water per day (not tea, not coffee, not juices, but just plain water). Otherwise, the body simply will not be able to remove poisons and toxins, the work of metabolism will become slow, and from here come the hated extra pounds.We recommend that you drink water when you feel hungry between meals. Because sometimes we can take the feeling of thirst for hunger, so our body is arranged.
    2. Never starve! As soon as the body understands that you deprive it, it will begin to lay off stocks for a rainy day. It is better to drink water, eat snacks with apples, oranges, for example.
    3. As much fiber as possible! Do not confuse, it does not mean that now you need to eat only vegetables and fruits. Just include a lot more of these products in your daily diet. Prompt bowel cleansing guaranteed!
    4. Protein. Do not allow its deficiency, otherwise the deficiency will be replenished from the muscle tissue, and the muscles will degenerate into fat.
    5. Move more! Try to turn everything into motion - walking to work, morning exercises, one-hour walk for the night. Imagine office workers who, after sitting down, come home tired and again flop on the sofa.
    6. Never skip breakfast!
    7. Eat small meals more often.

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