• Diet for diabetes in pregnant women

    Angelina Ivanova
    Angelina Ivanova
    May 25, 2011
    Diet for diabetes in pregnant women

    Diet for diabetes of pregnant women are together with the doctor. Nutritionists will help to combine this disease and the period of pregnancy, as well as develop a list of products and the necessary diet. The doctor must take into account the severity of diabetes and the condition of the pregnant woman.

    So, what kind of diet for pregnant women with high sugar recommends a doctor ...

    • It is usually forbidden to consume carbohydrates that are easily digested.
    • It is advised to eat often (5-6 times a day) at intervals of 2-3 hours.
    • Proteins should be approximately 20-30% of the caloric intake.
    • 30% on fats
    • And carbohydrates will account for 40-45%.

    Strongly recommend daily to write down your diet in a diary. This is necessary to be able to review the diet with a doctor if it does not suit you.

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