• Did you know? How do twins differ from twins?

    It would seem, well, what's the difference: were born at the same time, it means twins. But no. It is possible that these are just twins. Let's try to figure out what the differences are.

    Remember this old issue of “Yeralash”, when the brothers almost drove a passer-by crazy, trying to explain to him that they were not twins? “Well, you're brothers? Brothers. Birthday on one day? Into one. So twins. ” There it turned out that there was also a third one - triplets. But there is, it turns out, a fundamental difference between twins and twins.

    How do twins differ from twins?
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    So what is the main difference? In medical terminology, the concepts of identical and fraternal twins are used. Twins are two or more children who grew up together in the womb and almost simultaneously were born. Twins are called fraternal twins, and identical twins - just twins.

    Here is what distinguishes them:

    • Twins can be of the same sex or of different sexes.But the twins are always only same-sex.
    • Twins are always identical. They are very difficult to distinguish externally, especially to outsiders. They have the same blood type, the same diseases and full portrait resemblance. And twins look like brothers and sisters, as if they were born to the same mother, but at different times.
    • Twins are born about 1 time in 4,000 genera. Twins - a more frequent occurrence, every 1000 births.
    • For conceiving twins, only one egg is needed, and twins - 2 different eggs.

    When conceiving in vitro, the chance of having twins increases. Also, the probability of having twins is increased in women, for a long time before conceiving who take hormonal contraceptives.

    How do twins differ from twins?
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    Twins emerge from a single egg, for fertilization of which only one spermatozoon is needed. Then, for reasons unknown to science, it is divided into two parts. As a result, genetic copies are generated. Each of the cells will develop into an independent germ.

    Twins are more likely to be born in women between the ages of 30 and 40

    Twins are developed from two eggs fertilized by sperm.They may even have different fathers. This is due to the fact that in rare cases, when ovulation from a woman's ovary, two eggs come out, although usually only one leaves. For this reason, fraternal twins or twins are born in the family.

    So, the twins are natural clones that have identical appearance, character and even hereditary diseases. They can not be of different sexes. And twins are brothers or sisters or a brother with a sister who have similarities and differences, as if they were not born at the same time, but as a result of different pregnancies from the same mother.

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