• Diapers Myths

    Thanks to disposable diapers, the life of young parents has been greatly simplified. There is no need to spend precious time washing the sliders and diapers, you can walk for a long time with the baby on the street, go on a journey with him, at night there is no need to check the bed of the child every hour.
    Indeed, it is difficult to overestimate the convenience of diapers. But you can often hear the statements of grandmothers or mothers about the dangers of diapers for a child. They force young parents to doubt the correctness of the decision.

    Myth 1. The baby’s skin does not breathe.

    Perhaps the most popular myth: a diaper, worn on a child, deprives his skin of air flow, creates a "greenhouse effect." However, we all know that in order to ensure airtightness, it is necessary to use a film or cellophane. Have you ever met diapers made from cellophane?
    In fact, the structure of a disposable diaper is such that its outer layer is permeated with a multitude of microscopic pores, which easily let air inside and remove vapors from feces out.Due to this, the inner surface remains relatively dry, and the baby’s skin “breathes”. Yes, and wearing one diaper is recommended only 3-4 hours, and not the whole day. Therefore, the cause of diaper rash is not in the “greenhouse effect”, but in non-observance of the elementary rules of hygiene and late replacement of the diaper.

    Myth 2. Diapers are better than diapers.

    Some believe that it is more beneficial for a baby to be in diapers made from natural materials than in diapers.
    In reality, this is not the case. The task of modern diapers is to minimize the contact of the wet surface of the fabric with the delicate skin of the child. And if diapers do an excellent job with this, soaking up a large amount of liquid, diapers from any material just get wet. In the case when you do not need to change diapers quickly or the mother did not immediately notice that the child went to the toilet, the baby will be in the wet, which will cause skin irritation.

    Myth 3. The legs are bent because of the diapers.

    Some mothers are afraid to use diapers, believing that their legs may be twisted due to their wearing.
    In fact, diapers do not affect the shape of the legs. The curvature is either related to the physiological characteristics of the child, or is evidence of the presence of any disease. Moreover, disposable diapers ensure the position of the hip joints of the baby, similar to the position of the “free” swaddling promoted by children's doctors.

    Myth 4. Potting habits arise

    Another of the misconceptions: because of the wearing of diapers, it is difficult to teach a child to walk on the pot.
    The truth is that this factor does not affect the time the child learns the pot. The process of teaching any parents causes difficulties regardless of whether they use modern hygiene products or diapers. The baby must be physically ready to control its desires, and this happens far from immediately after birth. Usually the process of urination is fully controlled by the child not earlier than one and a half or two years, and the “large” feces - from 6-9 months. Parents should be patient, sooner or later, the crumb will realize that going to the toilet in the pot is much more comfortable and pleasant than in diapers or pants.

    Myth 5.Diapers are dangerous for boys

    According to this myth, the constant wearing of diapers by boys leads to <overheating of the testicles and infertility. But all sorts of studies, as well as the experience of a whole generation who grew up in diapers, refute this opinion.
    In fact, infertility and truth can occur when the scrotum is overheated. But, firstly, before the age of 7, spermatozoids do not ripen in boys, and at an early age it is impossible to affect their education. And secondly, usually the temperature in diapers does not exceed 36 degrees, which can not lead to overheating. In addition, the greenhouse effect in diapers, gauze bandages and oilcloth is much higher than in diapers, in the production of which use a safe adsorbent that prevents the increase in humidity. And the microporous material of the products provides air circulation. So the harmful effects of diapers on the reproductive functions of boys are not supported by any medical research. In addition, do not forget that modern diapers appeared in the 50s of the XX century, and the first children who grew up in them, already safely nursing their grandchildren.

    Myth 6. Diapers are dangerous for girls.

    The opinion that girls wearing diapers causes bladder diseases, in particular cystitis, is not entirely correct. Diapers cannot cause inflammation, but improper use is possible. Cystitis occurs due to improper and untimely care of the sexual organs of girls and due to irregular changing of diapers.
    It can only be reliably asserted that, in the event of a disease and during its treatment, it is impossible to wear diapers. Since it is not possible to monitor the frequency and volume of urination.

    Recommendations for selection and use

    So that the myths about diapers do not become a reality, it is important to observe the elementary rules of their use:

    1. Get quality products of famous brands and manufacturers. For example, the famous brand "Libero", has long proven itself in the market. Otherwise, the money saved will have to be spent on medicines and ointments.
    2. When buying diapers, be sure to pay attention to the integrity of the packaging and shelf life. Houses are stored in a dry place without temperature drops.
    3. Diapers should be appropriately sized, not small and not large.
    4. It is recommended to change products at least every 3 hours or as far as pollution is concerned. During the shift should be made air baths, if necessary, wash.

    Upon closer examination, it becomes clear that the myths about diapers are unfounded, manufacturers strictly follow all the requirements and standards for the hygiene and safety of the child.

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