• Designing premises under the DGU

    When designing a room for an uninterruptible power supply system, the main component of which is a diesel generator set, it is necessary to take into account all the features of operation of a high-power power plant.

    An average user who has ordered a diesel generator to service his facility is unlikely to cope with all construction and installation procedures that precede the placement of expensive equipment. Whether to turn to specialized services or to make a “closet” myself is a personal matter for everyone. Let's analyze how difficult it is.

    Nuance first

    The need for a separate room for diesel power plants due to two main reasons:

    • special microclimate conditions required for the operation of the installation;
    • high noise level.

    Since the weight of the DGU can be in the tens of tons, the overlapping of the selected room should be ready for such a load. Besides,the presence of free space - at least 1.5 meters around the power plant - is a prerequisite for ease of maintenance and the smooth implementation of repair procedures.

    Nuance second

    To install DES 30 kW should be on a perfectly aligned horizontal surface with a thickness of 150-200 mm. It should not be deformed (sag) under the weight of the generator equipment. To extinguish the vibrations, it is supplied with a special shock-absorbing base.

    When placing the DGU in the basement or boiler room, where there is a possibility of flooding the room, it is desirable to raise the area under the power plant above the floor.

    Nuance the third

    The organization of exhaust ventilation is obligatory for effective cooling of the power elements of the DGU. Cold outside air should be supplied to the generator, taking back the heated flows from the engine and radiator. So that the volumes of air supplied can remove all the excess heat, the dimensions of the ventilation holes (inlet and outlet) must be calculated according to a certain method, and the grilles closing them are equipped with a special electric drive.

    Nuance Four

    If the channel length is too large (incorrectly calculated), a significant back pressure can be created to remove hot gas streams. It will prevent the free flow of fresh outdoor air, provoking overheating of the main units of the power plant. That is why it is better to locate the engine of the diesel generator set near the outer wall of the room, and make the length of the outgoing duct as short as possible (no more than three meters). If such interpretations are impossible, then you should think about an additional system for the removal of excess heat.

    Nuance fifth

    The calculation of the exhaust system should take into account the following points:

    • the necessary bandwidth;
    • general and fire safety;
    • compensation of vibrations;
    • legality of placement.

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