• Jeans skirt with embroidery

    Denim fabric is universal and it can be made from her own hands as a fashionable piece of clothing, and a sturdy cover for a tablet or phone (smartphone). The fabric can be bought, and you can take from the old jeans clothes (for example, pants), saving money. To work with my handicrafts, I take the lower part from old jeans. I choose the details of decoration in addition to your taste: you can take, for example, beads or rhinestones, and you can print. I got such a skirt: Denim skirt with embroidery
    In order to sew a skirt, I needed the fabric from old jeans pants, which I cut off half (just above my knees), blue floss threads, sewing needle, needles for stabbing, elastic, green and purple beads, rhinestones.
    Denim skirt with embroidery
    Each of the pants I cut in the longitudinal side: Next, I need to fold the top and bottom sides several times and stab them with needles. In the upper side there should be a rubber band, so I make the other side wider by half. After that, I stitch both legs together on the sides:
     Denim skirt with embroidery
    In the upper side of the future skirt, I introduce the gum, then tighten the fabric and sew the seams:
    Denim skirt with embroidery
    Now I sew the seams from the bottom. So the resulting skirt looks now:
     Denim skirt with embroidery
    I twist the skirt from the inside out to the front side and unfold it so that the pocket fabric has side, and the side seam was exactly in the middle:
     Denim skirt with embroidery
    This is what skirt looks like from the other side:
     Denim skirt with embroidery
    Next, the resulting skirt can be decorated with rhinestones or beads.I sew white shiny rhinestones to the craftwork, and next to them I chalk out patterns for embroidery with beads. I did not have the usual chalk, and therefore I use a wax crayon:
     Jeans skirt with embroidery
    Designed patterns are not very noticeable on the craft. Sewing rhinestones to the skirt, I take large beads of yellow color:
     Denim skirt with embroidery
    I sew these beads to empty sections between rhinestones, and then I embroider an image from beads in the form of flowers (roses).

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