• Decorative arrangement of branches

    Decorative composition of branches
    During the last subbotnik, in order to combine business with pleasure, I gathered dry branches. I had the idea to paint branches in snake color and make of them a decorative composition for the upcoming year of the Snake. As a result, I simplified the idea so as not to overload the craft with bright colors. It was easy, but, in my opinion, elegant. Judge for yourself. To make such a composition, it took me: Dry branches - curved and straight, Secateurs, Three-color paint-spray, Acrylic paint of red color,
    Brush, Vaza. As it turned out, the branches, showered with fruit trees, were more clumsy and curved. I took only a few of them. From the branches it is necessary to cut the knots with shears and approximately align them all in size. Decorative composition from the "Decorative composition" from the "Decorative Composition" branches "title =" Decorative arrangement of branches ">
    Withpaint-aerosol paint the branches in several neutral colors. I used matte gray, silver and black. It must be said that the paint consumption when painting branches is really large, so it is more expedient to paint them together with an armful, rather than one by one. The painted branches can already be laid out separately, so that they dry faster.
     Decorative composition of branches
    With the help of bright acrylic paint, we apply a serpentine pattern on separate branches. In my case, these are red stripes. I repeat that I wanted to paint all the branches, but found it extremely frightening. The hand-made in gray, black and red tones harmoniously blended into the interior. Vase also needs neutral, so as not to distract attention from the composition. Crystal or glass is perfect.
    Decorative composition from branches
    If you are not afraid of these reptiles, try to embody the idea of ​​a serpentarium, where each stick will be painted in the colors of a certain kind of poisonous snakes .It should be bright and frightening!
    Decorative arrangement of branches

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